Take a look at the top baseball diamonds, turf football fields, and professional soccer arenas and you’ll notice a common theme. Quality field maintenance is a priority at these facilities, and it should be a priority for your facility as well. Field installations are an investment worth protecting, and preventing costly repairs, replacements, and other avoidable field expenses is as simple as preparing your team with the right information. Share these tips with your employees, and you can expect longer-lasting surfaces, lower costs, and enhanced surface performance for years to come. 

Teach Your Staff What To Look For

Fortunately, if your team is responsible for maintaining an artificial grass installation in NJ, there are naturally fewer steps involved with the ongoing care process. Even if you’re not working with lower-maintenance turf, every surface material will last longer and be safer when your staff is trained to look for and prevent: 

  • Debris: By regularly inspecting the field and removing trash, debris, and other hazards, you enhance player safety and protect your surface from potential damage. For example, a soccer player’s cleat snags a loose stick that fell onto the field overnight. The player trips and hurts his leg, and the stick is lodged into the turf below, damaging the underlying materials and creating an uneven section that may cause future injuries. A few minutes of daily debris removal will prevent these scenarios and should be a routine component of every quality field maintenance plan. 
  • Excess Moisture: A dry, mud-free field and court is a safer playing surface. Removing any accumulated moisture will prevent the development of potholes, cracks, and uneven sections of terrain. Keeping your field or court dry will also protect players and prevent premature material breakdown since moisture expedites the aging and degradation process. 
  • Surface Damage: Turf, clay, asphalt, and every other surface material that’s exposed to excess foot traffic, harsh weather, and forceful impacts will all experience damage at some point. Whether you’re looking for cracks in the asphalt or a section of the turf that has separated from its backing, your maintenance crew should always be on the lookout for any abnormal signs like worn materials, broken sections, or other noticeable flaws that could lead to progressive field damage or player injury. 

Learn From The Professionals

Before organizing a better maintenance plan, our seasoned sports field contractors will gladly help you define a professional plan of action. We specialize in comprehensive field inspection, maintenance, and repair strategies, and prepare every client with a wealth of relevant information to protect and preserve your valuable surfaces with proactive insight.

After your staff knows what to look for, we’ll be there to assist with every urgent repair or replacement need you may have. From the finest resurfacing options to a variety of customized turf solutions, Keystone Sports Construction is your go-to resource for quality surface care and installations that result in fewer maintenance needs and longer-lasting surface integrity.