While most schools and arenas transition to artificial sports turf because of the proven performance qualities and safety benefits, several financial advantages naturally accompany a quality turf installation. While initial turf installation costs may be a hesitation for some, turf field installation is a long-term investment that continues to pay dividends long into the future. 

Rent Your Sports Field to Other Teams

When your facility can proudly boast enhanced performance, improved player safety, and versatile multi-sports use, teams are naturally attracted to your field. While your teams are traveling for tournaments or have openings in their practice schedules, capitalize on your available turf field by renting it out to nearby schools and teams. 

Thanks to the versatility of turf for diverse sports applications, you can successfully advertise to teams outside of your specific sports programs. Since your location will be a premier destination, you can host lucrative tournaments while everyone in attendance appreciates the aesthetic appeal and quality that comes with a professionally installed field. 

Keep Your Teams on Schedule

With modern turf drainage systems and reduced maintenance, you can expect lasting field integrity to keep your sports schedules on time. This leads to fewer missed games, savings on teams’ travel expenses, while your home facility experiences increased concession and sporting event ticket sales. 

Enjoy Savings With Reduced Maintenance Expenses

Whether you’re managing a large football turf arena, or recently installed a performance-enhancing baseball turf field, your maintenance staff and budget will appreciate the greatly reduced time, energy, and expenses required to maintain optimal turf quality. 

With minimal turf maintenance, like raking, clearing growths around the perimeter, and removing debris, a well-designed turf field is designed to last for years. No more expensive lawn care, hefty water bills, or grass repair services.

Lines & Logos Last Longer

Thanks to the natural construction process of synthetic turf fields, the artificial fibers provide superior holding power for striping and logos. Resistant to the elements, high-traffic sporting events, and engineered for superior durability, you’ll save big on costly respraying and painting services. 

Along with the staying power of paints on modern turf fields, colors, and vivid lines contrast brilliantly for improved player visibility. Your players will stay in inbounds, your field will look professional, and spectators on the sidelines will have a better view of the action. 

Schedule a Free Consultation for Turf Installation

If you’re interested in a turf installation to take advantage of the financial benefits associated with an updated field, it’s important to get in touch with an experienced contractor that can guide you through every step of the process. From field drainage systems and foundation preparation to selecting the perfect turf for your field, Keystone Sports Construction does it all.