Empower your sports teams with a professional turf installation for improved safety, reduced maintenance, and a professional aesthetic that will make your home field stand out from the rest. When you invest in a turf field, you can expect a variety of long-lasting benefits over traditional grass fields.

Turf Fields Are Perfect For a Variety of Sports

Turf fields are among the most versatile practice surfaces around. With artificial grass, your athletes will benefit from some of these significant advantages:

  • Increased Traction: Pick and choose from a variety of surface options for varying grip
  • Increased Safety: Softer turf infill allows for forgiving falls with added cushion
  • Simple Maintenance: Easy to clean, repair, and replace
  • Durable Construction: Ideal for frequent games, practices, and activities

Customize Your Field With Unique Striping & Logos

Aside from the numerous advantages, you’ll experience with a quality turf installation, a professional artificial turf company can custom tailor your field with professional striping and team logos. With precision striping available for a variety of different sports like soccer, football, lacrosse, and more, your home field will be a premier destination for teams across the region. 

Detailed striping on turf outlasts traditional grass fields. Unlike a typical grass or dirt field, artificial turf fibers retain paint striping long into the future. This leads to long lasting and clearly defined lines and logos that stand up to the toughest of sporting events. 

Save Big on Maintenance and Water Expenses

With a professional turf installation, you can expect valuable savings on grass management expenses like water utilities, mowing services, and restriping services. A well maintained turf field is built to last for years, and only requires intermittent debris removal and fluffing of the fibers to maintain optimum levels of surface performance. 

Rent Your Turf Field to Other Teams

Along with the numerous cost savings associated with artificial grass fields, you can also capitalize on your enhanced field by renting your home field out to other teams! Your home field can proudly boast improved safety, multiple uses, and superior traction over natural practice fields. 

Find a Trusted Turf Contractor

Keystone Construction offers complete turf field project management and a variety of the best turf selections available. With years of experience and a variety of beautiful fields completed, the professionals at Keystone Construction can handle every aspect of the turf installation from start to finish. If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of turf, don’t hesitate to give the friendly team at Keystone Construction a call today!