As the fastest-growing racket sport in the country, incorporating a pickleball court into your facility adds multi-purpose value to every indoor and outdoor space. Since pickleball requires a smaller court (four pickleball courts fit inside of one tennis court!) and can be played on a variety of surface types, it’s easier to incorporate and less expensive to install than many other court options. 

Additionally, thanks to pickleball’s ultra-compact size, your facility’s player capacity increases which allows for more tournaments, training sessions, and paying guests. An extremely valuable consideration if your facility is limited in floor space, or if you’re planning to use the courts as a source of revenue generation. 

So, if your facility, community area, or school could benefit from an exciting twist on its current athletic offerings, which factors should you keep in mind as you plan for a new pickleball court update or installation? 

Find A Surface Type That Suits Your Facility’s Needs

The most important first step begins with a solid understanding of the different pickleball surface options. In general, harder surfaces like concrete and asphalt are for more advanced players and competition; the harder the surface, the faster and higher the ball will bounce. On the other end of the spectrum, softer surface materials like clay and artificial turf are great for beginner-friendly practice or casual gameplay; the softer the surface, the slower and lower the ball will bounce. 

With each surface type, there are pros, cons, and multiple ways to adjust the final surface characteristics to achieve a more player-protective, durable, or traction-friendly surface. For example: 

  • Coated Asphalt Or Concrete: With only a minimal additional pickleball or tennis court cost, our professional court contractors can boost your hardest court surfaces’ shock-absorption and crack-preventative properties. Our synthetic coatings reduce joint strain, improve foot traction, and protect the surfaces from moisture and other elemental factors. 
  • Multiple Turf Options: If your pickleball court is used for training and relaxed gameplay, we offer a variety of cushioned turfs with natural-feeling grasses to enhance player safety. If you love the player-safe and low-maintenance properties of turf but want to experience a faster game pace, we can reduce the thickness of the shock layers and fibers to promote a more competitive level of ball action. 
  • Clay & Har-Tru Synthetics: Right in the middle of the hardness scale, clay and Har-Tru synthetics provide the perfect balance of ball bounce and player safety. These surfaces dry quickly and are a great option to consider if you are planning an outdoor court. 

Begin Pickleball Planning With Our Professionals

If you’d like to discuss the details of the best surface options for your facility, our sports field construction company provides turn-key design and installation guidance. We adapt our various surface solutions around every unique facility floor plan, and can even help you incorporate team colors, detailed striping, and other important features like netting around the court to keep the action safely contained.