Transforming your field with a durable, low-maintenance artificial turf installation is cost-effective and looks great. Unlike traditional grass fields that look patchy and have uneven terrain throughout, a turf field is advantageous for several reasons. If you’re ready to make your field stand out from the rest and attract teams from all across the region, upgrading to artificial grass is a great decision.

Advantages of a Turf Upgrade

It’s important to look at your home field from every angle when deciding whether an upgrade is worth your time. Many athletic turf suppliers will provide you with a complimentary cost analysis that will detail the entire cost breakdown of turf over time versus average costs associated with traditional grass. At the end of the day, turf is almost always cheaper than maintaining real grass. 

Another cost advantage with turf to consider is the fact that you will no longer accrue costly field rentals from other facilities. Owning your turf field will allow for year-round practice, and even opens the opportunity for you to rent out your space to other teams. 

You will also save on expensive lawn mowing, pesticide spraying, water costs, and other painstaking upkeep tasks often required with natural grasses. Instead of a full-time groundskeeper, you’ll have a full-time field that’s always ready for action. 

Turf is also safer than traditional grass. With turf options available that increase athlete traction and offer forgiving cushion upon impact, there are no downsides to having a professional turf installation upgrade. 

Turf is Highly Customizable

Creating a perfectly lined and logo-covered field is easier with turf. Many professional turf installation companies offer customized designs and can deliver turf layouts that are marked for a variety of different sports. Instead of worrying about the rain and other elements fading out your line markings and logos sprayed over traditional grass, let turf make your life easier with designs that can stand up to whatever your athletes throw at it. 

Many factors go into a professional turf installation. You must find a turf company that can handle everything from foundational groundwork to drainage systems. Many turf installers also offer continual low-cost maintenance work and intermittent field inspections to ensure that your field stays in great shape.