Do you operate indoor tennis courts, a rental turf field, or simply want to improve the fan experience with a more comfortable and welcoming environment? As an experienced synthetic turf care and maintenance company, Keystone Sports Construction’s field development expertise extends far beyond the playing surface. 

While helping our clients optimize their facility’s overall experience, we take every important detail into consideration. We specialize in creating spaces that are not only enjoyable for the players but enjoyable for everyone in attendance as well. If your facility could benefit from added comfort and a more pleasant atmosphere, take a look at these practical ways to ensure that your fans and athletes have a great time. 

Improve The Ambience With Thoughtful Air Quality Control

When your facility is properly cooled and ventilated, not only will players and fans be more comfortable, but your facility avoids the stuffy environment that comes with poorly managed indoor air quality. Especially important if you host multi-court tournaments or intense sporting events like soccer matches, a crowded space can quickly start to feel like a humid locker room without appropriate air quality management.

To create a more enjoyable facility environment, we recommend that you: 

  • Invest in an air purification system; fans & players will appreciate your commitment to safety
  • Install fans along with the ceilings and at strategic locations throughout the facility
  • Ensure that concession stands and vendors have access to proper exterior venting
  • Set air conditioning to a comfortable interior climate; an air conditioner that powers on during operating hours or game time is well-worth the additional utility costs

Improve Your Concession Stand Offerings

After revitalizing your facility’s air quality, have you considered improving your concession options? Or, perhaps you could include complimentary, chilled water with every ticket sale? If maintaining a cooler interior environment is difficult to achieve because of high ceilings or an excessively hot location, the addition of drink varieties and other thoughtful products can go a long way in improving the experience for everyone that visits your facility.

Some great concession updates that you could consider for your facility, include: 

  • A Fruit Slushie or Ice Cream Machine
  • Products Like Cooling Towels, Handheld Fans, & Sweat Bands 
  • Refillable Beverage Containers; Sell a Branded Facility Cup & Offer Discounted Refills
  • Combo Packages Including a Popular Drink, a Snack, & a Half-Priced Ticket to Your Next Event

Improve Your Space Planning

While it may be impossible to rearrange your facility’s seating or field positioning, consider other impactful ways you can redefine your current layout to promote a more relaxing and memorable atmosphere. Are your concession stands located too far away from the seating area? Are your air conditioning units and fans only cooling a few of the courts?

Whatever fan-friendly ideas you come up with, our seasoned contractors can make it happen. Contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction today, and learn more about the many ways we can help you improve your facility for less.