With a quality turf that’s properly maintained, you can expect enjoyable and player-safe pickleball performance. Thanks to the amazing customizable turf varieties, designing a court that features the ideal balance of durability, traction, and perfectly-paced ball bounce is all possible. Great for new players hoping to learn the sport and for any players that can appreciate some additional joint protection, surfaces like tennis courts have become a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor courts alike. 

To make the most of your turf pickleball court and ensure peak surface performance, keeping up with key maintenance tasks only takes a few minutes each day. Regardless of your court’s location, start with these simple upkeep tips and keep your turf safer, players protected, and surfaces primed for game time. 

Surface Consistency Is A Priority

Whether your court features a smooth surface, or you went with a neatly-trimmed style for enhanced ball bounce and faster gameplay, keeping up with your court maintained is the easiest way to achieve consistent playability. Similar to the traction-enhancing benefits that come with a tennis court resurfacing, gently realigning the artificial fibers with lightweight plastic or metal rake can significantly improve traction and player safety. This important maintenance step loosens any trapped debris for ease of removal, ensures proper infill distribution, and helps to maintain a uniform (and traction-friendly) direction.

For courts located outside or that experience heavy use, you should perform this simple maintenance chore on a daily basis. For lightly-used courts or indoor courts that aren’t exposed to harsh natural conditions, a gentle sweep once or twice a week should do the trick. While cleaning, always be on the lookout for trash, sticks, and anything else that could damage the surface. 

Inspect Your Court & Remove Debris Daily 

Another simple way to prolong the lifespan of your turf while preventing player injuries is court cleanup. Between matchups and at the end of the day, inspect the entire playing surface for any foreign objects. Even small objects like hair clips or plastic trash can easily snag underfoot, tripping a player or damaging the underlying turf materials. It doesn’t get any easier than taking a few minutes to walk the court each day and is among the most effective ways to prevent premature wear and tear on your valuable turf installation. 

Repair Damaged Turf As Soon As Possible

Even with the best sports turf maintenance and constant surface vigilance, damage happens. While turf is one of the toughest surface materials in existence, it’s still important to be on the lookout for lifting edges, sections that are torn/damaged by impacts, and worn areas that receive above-average foot traffic. 

If you do notice any worn, lifted, or damaged sections, we’re glad to help. Contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for free quotes and guidance. We provide assistance with like-new repairs, and brand-new court builds. We also offer an amazing selection of modern materials to choose from.