The multi-faceted benefits associated with artificial turf fields extend beyond the brightened aesthetics and reliable surface performance. Did you know that artificial turf features innovative engineering like aerodynamic grass blades and breathable layers to promote accelerated drainage and greater surface consistency? In a world of high-impact sporting where every surface contact can change the outcome of a game, there’s no room for muddy and inconsistent field conditions. 

Why Adequate Field Drainage Matters

Landscape-specific drainage features are essential to successful field design during a standard artificial grass installation for soccer fields, football arenas, and even baseball diamonds. Through a combination of correct field location selection, built-in field drainage systems, and the naturally draining properties of layered turf systems, a well-installed turf field provides:

  • Safe & Predictable Surface Conditions
  • Ease of Ongoing Maintenance
  • Pest & Rodent Prevention
  • Reduced Risk of Injuries

Turf Installations Protect Your Property & Your Budget

Any of these benefits are enough to justify the switch from natural grass to the simplicity and player safety of artificial turf systems. Alongside the note-worthy advantages above, turf leads to significant cost savings across the board. Even when you factor in the initial installation costs of artificial turf in New Jersey, turf grass immediately cuts labor costs and utility bills. 

Since the field drains quickly and is safe to play on even in the rain, other relevant facility benefits emerge. Firstly, you can still host profitable tournaments and rent the field even when conditions are not ideal. Secondly, your mud-free field protects your facility from player injuries and liabilities that could arise as a result of a poorly maintained field. A single injury lawsuit could cost more than the entire field installation. Protecting all players on the field happens effortlessly when the foundation of your field is strong. 

Planning For Your Mud-Free Facility Upgrade

Since the effectiveness of your field’s drainage involves a variety of interconnected factors, partner with our detail-oriented field contractors to simplify the details in advance. With our all-inclusive design, sourcing, and installation support, we advocate for our partners with consideration for all of the important factors that lead to safe and stunning fields. 

When you join forces with our experienced professionals, we combine your vision with our proven installation processes. We can overcome terrain complications of many kinds and are well-equipped to design and install a range of surface types both indoors and outdoors. Even if you want to build a multi-sports field that includes a running track and dynamic turf striped for many sports, we can easily accommodate your ambitions while honoring your budget.

Ready to start the planning phase or need repair/maintenance support for your turf? Contact our pros and benefit from our cost-effective expertise today.