Planning a flooring update for your home gym, facility, or mixed-used space? We’re in the business of helping our clients make the most of every square foot. Offering a customizable selection of durable, affordable, and stylish looks to support any modern theme, we transform underutilized, unsightly, and unprotected surfaces into professional designs that stand the test of time. 

The most important first step is identifying your key facility or gym requirements. When determining the best update options for your space, our flooring experts will help you identify, organize, and plan ahead for essential factors such as: 

  • Gym flooring budget: Which flooring type will respect your finances and provide the protection and performance you need? 
  • Use needs: What are the athletic or fitness plans for the space? 
  • Space optimization: How can we pack the most value into your available square footage? 
  • Maintenance considerations: Which flooring types are easier to clean, repair, and care for? 
  • Safety and damage prevention: Which flooring options are best for injury prevention and protecting your underlying structures? 

Our in-depth assessment and brainstorming sessions ensure that we connect you with the right synthetic material or indoor turf installation the first time. With these important topics in mind, here’s a brief overview of the effective flooring systems we have to offer for multi-use gym facilities and weight rooms of every kind. 

Athletic Gym Flooring Solutions

For school and facility gym floors, we most commonly install hard court types for the primary surface. With professional surface types like acrylic or hardwood flooring, the result is a multipurpose surface that supports the majority of sports. These strong and versatile surface types boast incredible longevity and multiple finish options, making it possible to enjoy a wider variety of sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

For several custom projects, we combine a variety of surface types for a multi-use upgrade that caters to gym classes, fitness training, and sports. For example, alongside the main hard court, the addition of workout turf or another softer synthetic material can provide: 

  • A great place to warm up and stretch
  • A low-impact option for specialty sports
  • Facility protection thanks to the built-in impact resistance
  • Ease of maintenance and fewer repair/replacement expenses

The Best Options for Weight Rooms & Home Gyms

For the typical home gym project or professional weight room, our synthetic rubber and turf upgrades are the most popular choice for added flooring protection and joint-safe fitness. 

Underneath weight machines and near lifting equipment, we recommend our toughest rubber options. For high-impact aerobics and other classes like yoga or pilates, our soft and stylish turf varieties provide the perfect balance of joint safety and exercise utility.

Whether you go with all rubber, all turf, or a mix of our best options, every flooring solution in our weight room collection is designed to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. Protecting your equipment and the flooring is the standard, resulting in a flooring investment that can quickly pay for itself in damage prevention alone. 

In addition to shielding your property from preventable surface damage, our strongest synthetic options also improve exercise performance and safety. Both grippy and supportive, our flooring solutions increase foot traction, which naturally prevents slips, falls, and a range of exercise-related accidents. And, if your gym is used for dynamic workouts like CrossFit or HIIT, a superior flooring upgrade equals a more enjoyable experience with every workout. 

Compare the Best Gym Flooring Options With Our Experts

This is only a preview of the beneficial features you can expect from our sturdy, luxurious, and affordable flooring systems. For side-by-side comparisons and helpful recommendations based on your exact gym needs, contact our pros at Keystone Sports Construction and we’ll help you make the most of every square foot today.