Is your running track nearing the end of its life cycle with severe cracking, delamination, or uneven sections of the track? Before moving forward with a full replacement or trying to handle surface repairs on your own, a professional track assessment should be your first step. While minor repairs or resurfacing may prolong the integrity of your track, it may be time for a replacement if your track has been abused, neglected, or is experiencing foundation issues. 

Evaluate Foundation Integrity

Before attempting surface repairs or resurfacing the track, assessing the integrity of the asphalt layer beneath your track is a priority. Depending on the quality of initial construction, track environment, and other factors that can degrade asphalt over time, a solid foundation can last 20-30 years. If the foundation integrity is solid, moving forward with the repair or resurfacing may be a viable option to keep your running track performing its best. 

Is the Track Bonding to the Foundation Properly?

Uneven sections of track or loose edges may be a warning sign that your track’s laminate bonding isn’t up to par. This delamination process can occur at cracking sections of the foundation, from water seepage, or excessive wear from vehicles or surface impacts. If you aren’t sure if delamination of the track from its foundation is occurring, a professional athletic turf supplier can quickly evaluate the situation. 

Consider Respraying or Overpouring

For small cracks and minor track issues, running track construction costs are low. By proactively repairing small problems, you can effectively extend the life of your track for years. The key is to keep up with repairs regularly, and a company like Keystone Construction offers consistent maintenance services to ensure your track maintains maximum performance long into the future. 

With cost-effective spraying and over-pouring services, cracks and patches in the surface are smoothed out and protected from prying elements. Along with reinforcing the surface integrity, quality respraying or over-pouring improves surface traction and makes the surface feel like new. 

It’s Time to Replace The Track

If you’ve tried everything from crack sealing and patching, to respraying and over-pouring but the surface is still unsafe or underperforming, moving forward with a trusted running track construction company for a free site consultation is the next step. 

With our professional track installations, we handle everything from foundation work to the final surface striping. Instead of dealing with multiple contractors, Keystone Construction offers complete project management, and always affordable service since we handle every aspect of the installation from start to finish.  

Our consultations are free, and our unparalleled follow-up repair and maintenance service will support your project for years to come. For an honest track installation estimate, give us a call at Keystone Construction to learn more today!