Planning for a versatile indoor turf field, tennis court, or multi-use facility upgrade? A quality indoor turf installation can add value to your facility in many ways, and our experts at Keystone Sports Construction would love to help you transform your best ideas into outstanding playability. 

To maximize the potential of your space, the first steps involve consideration of your plans, available surface area, and the benefits associated with each surface type. Take a look at these helpful recommendations, learn more about the best options for your facility, then get in touch with us at Keystone Sports Construction for all-inclusive upgrade assistance. 

How Will Space Be Used? 

With the athletes’ needs and your facility goals in mind, consider how your court, rubber running track surface, or indoor turf field will be utilized. If you plan on hosting competitive tournaments, we’ll help you compare a variety of high-performance turf and hard court surface materials that are trusted by professionals. If you’re designing a space that’s safer for training and practices, we carry an expansive selection of turf that is easier on the joints, as well as an affordable selection of court, track, and gym flooring options.

Since many indoor courts and field surfaces can be used for multiple purposes, we can always assist if your usage needs fall somewhere in the middle. For example, many of our indoor soccer field turf varieties protect against joint injury without compromising on consistent surface traction or material longevity. After a quick comparison with our experts, you’ll know exactly which properties and material types make the most sense for your athletes and facility. 

How Much Space Is Available? 

Another crucial aspect of the planning phase involves making the most of your available square footage. If you are working with limited space but would like to rent your facility for a range of sporting options, we specialize in designing multi-purpose fields in compact areas. Even if you only have enough space for one indoor turf field, we can stripe the field for multiple sports with professional measurements and create color-coordinated designs to enhance the overall player experience. 

We also assist with innovative court designs that address a broader range of sporting needs. If you would like to expand your facility’s offerings with a tennis court, have you considered a similar court style to pickleball? We can fit four pickleball courts within the parameters of a single tennis court, enabling your facility to rent space to more teams and community members. 

With these important elements in mind, we are dedicated to keeping your costs lower and enhancing player safety while making the most out of your space. For assistance with comprehensive planning, design, and installation, get in touch with our pros at Keystone Sports to learn more.