The multi-purpose versatility of indoor turf is among the most impactful upgrades to consider for your facility this year. Our latest lineup can be utilized to improve practice safety, keep your teams in great shape during the off-season, and serve as the perfect foundation for a range of other innovative sporting applications. 

Now more than ever, an investment in indoor artificial turf has become more practical for facilities hoping to expand their athletic departments. Since turf’s invention, it has become more affordable, more resilient, and expertly refined to maximize surface characteristics like consistent foot traction, ball roll, and player safety. 

Perfect for soccer, football, field hockey, and every other sport that requires a tough and reliable surface type, here’s how our versatile turfs can work in your team’s favor this off-season. 

Safer Turfs Equal Fewer Player Injuries

In addition to supporting your teams with a more convenient space to play, joint-friendly turfs also keep players in peak condition. Our professional-grade surfaces are trusted by professional organizations worldwide and are proven to minimize joint and cranial injuries with every game. 

Depending on the user needs of your facility, the rebounding characteristics of our turfs can be tailored to your facility. If safety is the priority for high-impact sporting or casual gameplay/practice, we can accommodate turfs that feature the highest rebound ratings in the industry. If you need a thin and responsive turf that replicates the foot feel of natural grass or another harder surface, we have a number of trim varieties that promote quicker foot pivots and faster starts. 

Many of our best options fall somewhere in between. There are plenty of turf options that are both joint-friendly and replicate the reliable surface performance that comes with a gripped surface type. 

Indoor Turf Equals Practice & Tournament Availability

While certain sports can technically still be played outdoors during inclement conditions, maintaining an outdoor field during the fall and winter months is often more effort than it’s worth. Our tough and rugged turf varieties are easy to install, simple to maintain, and have an impressively-long life span. 

This ease of installation and maintenance equals flexible practice scheduling and on-demand games. By empowering your teams with additional practice time and having the ability to host more tournaments, your teams and facility benefit from: 

  • Improved athletic development: Your home team will remain healthier, refine their abilities, and continue to improve faster than other teams that have to pause their athletics
  • Numerous revenue opportunities: Rent your modern indoor turf field to local teams for practice time, or increase your ticket sales by hosting profitable tournaments any time of year
  • Lower costs of operation: With indoor turf’s fewer maintenance costs and concerns, your facility reaps the turf-field benefits for years to come

Could your facility benefit from an indoor turf installation? Get in touch with our pros at Keystone Sports Construction and learn more about our professional surface options today.