Opening up the possibilities for your athletic department translates into healthier students, exciting event possibilities, and revenue opportunities that quickly justify the switch to artificial turf. And, unlike turf systems of the past that only included one or two variations, innovations in synthetic grass systems have been designed to accommodate preferred impact safety, surface traction, and all-season durability. 

Regardless of the turf you choose, there are a few common variables that power the dramatic benefits behind every switch away from natural grass. Take a look at these game-changing characteristics below, then imagine how these multi-purpose additions could enhance the fundamentals of your athletic program! 

Athlete Safety Is The #1 Advantage

You can’t put a value on protecting your students, visiting teams, and guests that may utilize the field for games and practice. To build injury prevention into every use, turf works on a few different levels. Since turf systems are composed of multiple layers that can include optimized shock absorption and customizable infills, switching to turf immediately reduces risks associated with joint stress and forceful impacts. 

Alongside these obvious protective benefits associated with turf’s rebounding properties, turf also prevents the formation of dangerous surface conditions. While natural fields accumulate slippery mud and develop rain-filled potholes just waiting to twist an ankle, artificial grass dries rapidly and water seeps directly into the drainage system below. This prevents pooling moisture and countless slipping accidents. 

Turf Is A Wise Investment

Like the multi-faceted safety benefits, there are a wealth of cost-saving and profit-boosting advantages associated with an artificial turf installation that’s designed exclusively to promote your school. 

When we install affordable synthetic turf in Maryland for our partner schools, they benefit from: 

  • Fewer Utility Expenses
  • Reduced Risk of Injury Liability
  • Fewer Maintenance Labor Expenses
  • Ticket-Boosting Aesthetic Appeal
  • Field Rental Opportunities
  • & More Direct & Indirect Financial Advantages

Versatile Playability For Multiple Sports

To achieve the perfect surface balance that covers a broader range of sporting needs, our ample selection of turfs simplifies the search for the right level of performance. If you need a steady surface that provides reliable performance for consistent stops and ball bounces, several of our most competitive turf varieties provide a stable foot feel without sacrificing joint safety. On the other end of the spectrum, we can easily accommodate high-impact practice spaces for football or soccer with protective layers and tougher grasses that can resist wear and tear for years to come.  

Alongside the multiple turf styles available, our artificial turf care and maintenance extends beyond the basics at Keystone Sports. If you’re ready to make the switch, get in touch with our pros for detailed turf comparisons, and comprehensive project support, and discover the many ways we can highlight your school with customized turf colors, logos, and cost-saving service today!