Simple safety solutions like sports netting can revolutionize the game. With multipurpose benefits like in-bounds ball containment, fan/sideline injury prevention, and easy to maintain materials, netting has become a must-have feature for modern facilities. If your facility already has netting inside or out, monitoring and caring for your netting should be part of your routine facility maintenance plan. 

Prevent Netting Failures & Injuries With Routine Inspections 

When investigating the integrity of your netting, look for torn sections, stable securement along the attachment points, and verify netting functionality by applying a standard amount of force (think fly ball or stray soccer ball level of impact). If your netting stretches to the ceiling or is difficult to evaluate, we also provide full-service netting inspections and maintenance care for guaranteed fan and sideline protection. 

If we notice any issues like material fray, knot separation, or other obvious concerns like a tear, our pros at Keystone Sports can also repair and replace sport fence netting for arenas of any size. Even if the minor issue seems like a DIY project, netting installations involve dangerous heights, and skilled assistance ensures appropriate net tension and knot securement for reliable netting performance. 

Netting Solutions Elevate Facility Style & Utility

If your facility is home to a local team or wants to promote a brand aesthetic, our versatile ball safety netting systems come in a range of colors and styles. Some of our best facility improvements have included netting systems with: 

  • Portable options for easily-adjustable player and fan safety
  • Low-visibility options for distraction-free game enjoyment
  • Thick and rugged netting solutions for high-velocity sports
  • Varying degrees of rebound. Our netting solutions can serve as a solid backstop or as a flexible safety net

Sports Netting Benefits Your Operations in Many Ways

Avoiding an injury lawsuit or costly property damage is reason enough to install netting. 

Whether you rent or own the space, preventing wall dings, damage to lighting fixtures, and avoiding broken windows equals a netting installation that can quickly pay for itself. 

On the fan safety side of things, a single injury lawsuit can quickly exceed the 6-figure threshold. Safety is the priority, but protecting your bottom line is equally important when your facility’s credibility and reputation can easily be tarnished by a single avoidable accident. 

Alongside protecting your guests and athletes, demonstrating to attendees that you take an active interest in their well-being positively reflects on your school, organization, or business. Other reasons to consider installing new netting for your facility include: 

  • Netting is much cheaper than other fan-safety options
  • Netting can be installed and replaced quickly
  • Netting is one of the least visually disruptive barriers 
  • Netting keeps the action contained and your games on the schedule

Find the Perfect Netting Solution Today

Our innovative netting systems begin and end with your preferences. We can safeguard any space, assist with all related installations, and are here to protect your fans and budget with a greater variety of options.