Outfitting your athletic field, court, arena, or track is no easy feat.  The same can be said of maintenance efforts.  Attempts made by someone with little to no experience can be a costly endeavor, and a wasteful one at that.  


It’s not impossible to try and install a running track yourself.  A small running track in your own backyard, that is.  A track that’s going to be used by athletes and casual runners alike, however, will require a professional if you want something that’s safe and high quality.  Working with us guarantees you will have-  

  • Accurate measurements for a perfect fit
  • Striping that is consistent
  • Surface area that is level
  • Proper installation onto your natural grass or artificial grass field


After a track is installed you will need to perform routine maintenance on it.  You shouldn’t let yourself be deceived by the name ‘all-weather surfaces’.  It means the material is intended to endure things like inclement weather.  It doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible, and not checking it regularly can cost you quite a bit later down the road.

  • Using the same company that installed your track for any maintenance means going through an entity already familiar with the property
  • Regular inspections ensure longevity of your track
  • A routine ‘check up’ by a professional can tell you if you’re taking proper care of your track

Repair and Replacement

Even with proper maintenance procedures, it is inevitable that there will be damage to some degree.  However some types of damage aren’t the expected wear and tear resulting from use, but rather signs that it’s time for repair or replacement.  These signs can include-

  • Delamination
  • Cracks
  • Areas in which the surface and substrate are no longer attached

Recognizing signs of damage may not be easy for the untrained eye, as they can often appear in places that go largely unchecked such as the edges.  Discoloration is normal and does not mean that your track needs to be repaired or replaced, but if the striping begins to fade that can be problematic for users of the track.  It’s also a sign that your track is being used very often, and the more often it’s used the more frequently it’s subject to things that can damage it.


If you’re looking to install a track, perform maintenance or repairs, or replace your running track then you’ve come to the right place.  We have all the necessary equipment for helping you keep your track in prime condition so you can use it to fullest extent.  You can contact Keystone Sports Construction for all of your artificial grass, gym floor installation, and running track needs by phone or email.