As the seasons change, so should your field’s ability to handle all-season playability with a more versatile surface type. Thanks to the latest developments in turf and the many customizable surface options available, powering your facility with the adaptability of turf is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. From joint-protective artificial football turfs to lower-maintenance surface care that costs less, turf is quickly becoming the go-to field type for professional arenas and modernized school facilities alike.

Before signing another lawn care contract or hiring another maintenance crew member, take a look at the many reasons why facilities across the country are making the switch from grass to turf. 

Turf Costs Less to Maintain

Long-term utility savings and fewer maintenance tasks quickly offset the upfront costs of a turf field installation. Unlike grass fields that require constant patchwork, rodent prevention, and ongoing lawn care, the bulk of sports turf maintenance is simple debris clearing and edge-growth removal. Along with the ease of operations, your water bills are reduced, you minimize staffing expenses, and lasting visual appeal comes standard with any of our colorful turf varieties. 

Turf Maximizes Your Playability

Hand-in-hand with fewer management chores, a modern turf field also benefits your bottom line by allowing for more playtime. Quick-drying turf prevents canceled events and other associated costs like lost ticket sales. Featuring state-of-the-art drainage systems and more breathable materials, common issues like muddy surface inconsistencies no longer interfere with your ability to host successful events. 

Additionally, since maintaining a consistent and player-friendly field is easily accomplished with turf, neighboring teams will prefer your space. While their unplayable soccer field is filled with muddy holes and insect issues, your consistently smooth, dry, and overall safer surface becomes the most popular choice. In other words, you can host more tournaments, sell more tickets, and even rent your well-kept space to other nearby teams that need a reliable sporting surface. 

Turf is Safer in Many Ways

With natural grass comes hidden rocks, patches of hard dirt, and surface inconsistencies that can quickly lead to player injuries and facility liability risks. Instead of exposing your players (and your budget) to these avoidable risk factors, take advantage of the rebounding characteristics of turf and everyone wins. Our multi-layered turfs feature: 

  • Customizable Infill Options for Added Joint Protection
  • Various Grass Styles to Refine Traction & Feel
  • Improved Striping for Enhanced Player Visibility
  • & Many More Player-Safe Customizations…

Turf is Easier to Repair & Replace

Unlike grass fields that can take weeks or months to reseed, our rapid field installations minimize facility downtime and keep your sporting schedules on track. And, if your turf is ever damaged, our accessible maintenance experts work fast to revitalize the integrity of your surfaces with cost savings and field longevity constantly in focus. 

To learn more about the many reasons why so many facilities are making the switch to turf, get in touch with our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for more information today.