Rubber gym flooring has been used for many purposes and provides many benefits. One of the biggest benefits of rubber gym flooring is its ability to minimize injuries. Rubber gym flooring offers cushioning and shock absorption than regular gym flooring doesn’t. Rubber has incredible elasticity in comparison to concrete, wood and many other types of gym flooring. Those types of gym floors will put unnecessary stress on the body, especially during a high impact exercise.

Rubber flooring is among the safest sports flooring options available on the market today. The rubber is resilient and meets all of the standards for traction, stability, rotation and slip resistance. The floor’s soft texture also reduces the risk of injury and fatigue during exercise.

Rubber gym floors are often used for fitness centers because of the heavy machinery and weights. Rubber flooring also protects from damage and equipment breaking. It can withstand high impact activity without any rips or tears in the flooring. When there are rips and tears in the floor surface, there’s a higher risk of instability, accidents, and injury.

Rubber flooring is also slip-resistant. Rubber provides a good grip, which can help to foot and reduce the amount of slip and fall accidents or injuries, which are quite common. Although rubber is known to be slippery when wet, rubber gym floors are usually made with raised studs or dimples to ensure a non-slip surface. If you’re looking for ideal gym flooring, rubber flooring is the way to go. Besides its ability to prevent injury, it’s durable and versatile, meaning it’s suitable for any type of exercise or training.

At Keystone Sports Construction, we offer commercial gym flooring surfaces that don’t require coating, offer easy maintenance, are ADA compliant and are extremely durable. If you’re interested in rubber gym flooring installation for gyms, weight rooms or any other place, contact us today!