When going for a job there’s more to being safe than making sure to stay hydrated and aware of your surroundings.  Certain shoes are better for your feet than others, and the surface they make contact with can greatly influence that.  There’s a chance that the surface you’re running on could be doing more harm than good.


One of the most obvious benefits to running on a track as opposed to asphalt is that you know the exact distance of a track.  It’s easier to calculate time and distance that way.  If you’re hoping to beat a personal record or run a specific distance you’ll have more success doing so on a track.  You’re less likely to overdo it, which can lead to accidents and injuries.  Trying to do so on asphalt is harder to calculate, and you may end up running longer than you need to or should.  


Asphalt has a fairly uniform surface and it’s easy to navigate with a smartphone.  But there are multiple interruptions at best and safety hazards at worst such as traffic, potholes, and inclines.  Tracks on the other hand are often open to the public so they are safe and well-monitored by design.  They are also guaranteed to be a uniform surface and the only potential interruptions you may encounter are other people.

Physical Health

If you’re looking to run on a hard surface, asphalt is better than concrete.  But asphalt is known to jolt your joints, and hard surfaces in general are harsher on your body.  They’re likely to result in a higher frequency of shin splints.

One downside to running a track is the circular motion of the two curves.  Continuing in that motion for extended periods of time can be hard on the hips and knees.  But that doesn’t mean tracks themselves aren’t a good surface, rather that like all good things they should be used in moderation.  And if you had to pick between a track or asphalt, a track is preferable in the long run.

Reliable Service

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