While the usage of artificial turf began decades ago, it never gained popularity until recently.  The trend continues to grow as more and more fields convert to synthetic grass or are built with it from the start. Why do we see so many fields making the change? There are many reasons, and we’ve highlighted some of the biggest ones here.

Something For Everyone

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to athletic fields. What works best for soccer players is different from what football players need, for example. Soccer players want a surface that allows the ball to bounce and roll without affecting its speed, whereas football players wouldn’t worry about this at all. Different types of artificial turf can help contribute to player performance based on the movements and foot traffic required for different sports. 

Player Safety

Artificial turf doesn’t only create an environment that’s easier to play on, it also prioritizes the safety of the players. It creates an even surface there with no dents or holes in the dirt that players can trip on, and critters can’t dig up new ones. Turf is extensively tested to meet safety standards for preventing or reducing the severity of head, foot, knee, and ankle injuries.  This requires turf to be sturdy without being too stiff, soft enough to be comfortable without sinking in it, all while making sure that a ball can still maneuver properly on it.

Everyone Else is Doing it

This is the reason that almost anything becomes popular. Seeing other people do it is enough to generate interest, or at the very least pique curiosity. Once something becomes new or ‘the next big thing’, it’s inevitable everyone will hear about it. 

Easy to Fund

Reliable companies such as our own have made people more comfortable with the idea of using artificial  turf.  At Keystone Sports Construction, we use a single source, design-build approach for project management that works with your budget. There’s no astronomical artificial turf cost, and your ideas are always taken into consideration. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our pricing program can help you with the installation, repair, and replacement of your artificial turf, running track, or tennis court today.