With the perfect space mapped out and financing ready to go, it’s time to finalize the timeline and construction plan. Since requirements for groundwork, arena construction, and other development features like fencing and lighting can affect total project duration, late spring, summer, and early fall tennis court installations are preferred.

By avoiding undesirable factors like freezing temperatures and muddy snow-melt conditions, project delays are less likely to impact the success of your outdoor project. And, when you have tournaments, teams waiting to practice, and paying guests eagerly awaiting your new courts, there’s no room in the plan for delays.  

Tennis Court Planning Considerations

What if you already own a sheltered space for court construction? Tennis court installation plans should revolve around the annual schedule for your facility. Even basic court designs can take up to two months for all phases of development, so finding a time that accommodates construction and minimizes business/visitor/student disturbances is the idea. 

While organizing an ideal timeline with our tennis court installation companies, our strategic contractors will help you determine: 

  • Which time of year is best for your facility? For active campuses, seasonal breaks like summer vacation or extended spring breaks can be a great time to start. For private venues, we can consider your lowest attendance periods or even build the courts in multiple stages so partial playability remains possible throughout the development.
  • How can we expedite the process for you? With precision and efficiency at the heart of our court construction model, our professional techniques simplify builds from the foundation to the netting. If rapid installation is the priority, we can begin with the most important court essentials and add the bonus features in the future. If you need a stunning court that has it all, we’ll provide you with an accurate timeline and a clear path to the finish line. 
  • Which tennis court features will best support your facility? Beyond the stunning court surface, comprehensive design support and collaboration comes standard with Keystone Sports Construction. Will you need fan safety netting, comfortable benches, or other quality of life features for your court? By helping you identify exactly what you need before the work begins, your project is destined to turn out better than you anticipated. 

Protect Your Project From the Start With a Cohesive Plan

With the weather, your schedule, and every other factor accounted for, our goal is to perfect the build the first time. Even if you’re managing a tight deadline or a strict budget, our organized planning processes turn seemingly impossible project parameters into cost-effective and built-to-last tennis court reality. 

With our experienced crew, you can expect: 

  • Better pricing because we manage every step
  • Ongoing maintenance, resurfacing, and repairs for all surface types
  • Exceptional quality; preview our previous projects for a glimpse of our precision

For assistance with the design, court care, and any other facility needs, consider it accomplished when you contact our pros at Keystone Sports Construction.