Creating a stunning athletic surface begins with the right space, the perfect surface selection, and a comprehensive plan of action. While planning for a sports field installation may seem like a relatively straightforward task, every field, climate, and sport requires a personalized approach to field installation. As seasoned sports field contractors, our balanced approach to developing the optimal surfaces begins with clear communication and expert guidance and ends with excellent field designs that boast enhanced player safety, charming aesthetics, and naturally withstand years of high-intensity athletic performance. 

If you’re amid the planning phases, you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the long list of field possibilities. We’re in the business of simplifying the entire artificial turf field construction process and providing in-depth oversight while organizing, installing, and improving upon every last detail of your crowd-pleasing field. From the best layouts and turf options to the vibrant end-zone striping and team logos, here are a few of the steps involved in our all-inclusive field installations.   

Cost-Effective Planning & Design

Establishing a solid playing surface starts with the ideal field destination and layout. Our helpful experts will quickly help you narrow down the best location for the field, organize the ideal architectural parameters, and even assist with additional considerations like guest accommodations, concessions, and other factors that will transform your space into a welcoming and unforgettable destination. 

During the planning phase, we walk you through the expansive range of surface options available for your space. Once we decide on the ideal turf or court material, we work with your team to coordinate sport-specific striping, colored surfaces, and offer a variety of other useful additions that will add an element of professionalism and personalization to your field. 

Field Preparation & Groundwork

After we finalize the design and surface selection with you, our fieldwork begins. In most instances, we begin with a shallow excavation and compaction process to level the field, ensure a consistent base with a shallow layer of rocks, and install weed barriers and drainage systems to maintain a safe, dry, and consistent surface. Depending on the location of your field and other factors like average precipitation, the amount of time and cost to perform the initial groundwork may vary. 

Surface Installation Commences

Our artificial grass installation for soccer fields, football fields, and baseball diamonds is the best part! We roll in your preferred turf variety, expertly unite the seams for a flawless finish, and top off the fresh artificial grass with an evenly distributed layer of infill. Our high-end installation equipment enables us to perform the entire installation in less time, and with our detail-oriented processes, our turf installations prevent premature lifting, separation, and proactively protect players with unparalleled surface consistency.

Once the beautiful surface is complete, we finish off the installation with personalized striping, exclusive team logos, and whatever else you may need to maintain a quality surface for years of improved traction, style, and player protection.