Whether you’re scoring touchdowns, running to home plate or kicking the winning goal, a high-quality shoe can make all the difference to an athlete. And, as more and more stadiums and arenas become covered in synthetic turf, it’s even more important to have the right cleats or sneakers for maximum performance. Shoe manufacturers are responding to this demand with new makes and models of their own, specifically designed for play on artificial turf. So, with tons of products out there to choose from, how can you decide which sport shoe is right for you? Keystone Sports Construction has some tips on choosing the right shoe for playing on synthetic turf and taking your game to the next level.

Though artificial football turf comes with more safety features than natural grass, like shock absorption to make hitting the ground softer, a high-quality shoe will also help prevent injury. During the course of any football game, players are required to make sharp turns, tackles and jumps. Having a football cleat of proper width and fit around the heel and toes is crucial. The Under Amour Speed Phantom has become a cult-favorite, adopted by many NFL players for increased speed and agility. These shoes offer great support and stability and incorporate molded studs for less routine maintenance.

Because artificial soccer fields are tougher and more durable than natural grass, traditional soccer cleats may not be the best option for play. Athletes should look for smaller cleats with adequate grip to hug the turf’s smooth surface. Nike’s Tiempo Legacy shoe line has been extremely well-received by professional and amateur soccer players alike. Each shoe comes with high-quality calfskin leather and a small, rubber stud pattern. These features are ideal for covering more turf in less time.

Baseball and Softball
A popular feature of synthetic turf fields is their near weather-proof quality. With reliable drainage systems for heavy rain accumulation, synthetic turf allows players to avoid slipping on muddy field spots while running from plate to plate. These ideal field conditions give your cleats a longer life and provide safe and comfortable play at all times. One of the most popular cleats of 2020 is the Adidas Icon V Turf shoe. With many reviews praising its comfort and style, the shoe incorporates a durable rubber outsole for elevated traction and increased speed.

Personal Preference
Ultimately, choosing the best shoe really depends on an athlete’s physiological makeup. Before buying a shoe, consider your own personal preferences and how you play best. The near constant interplay provided by Keystone Sports Construction synthetic turf demands a shoe powerful enough to keep up.