Choosing the right height of artificial grass for a sports field is a very important decision. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for a particular sport. Important things to consider include the budget, the time available for installing it, and the right height.

The incorrect height selection of artificial football turf, for example, can lead to a slippery, dangerous playing surface for athletes. With the right height, the turf can provide an optimal condition for enhanced player performance.

Why Is Artificial Grass Height Important?

Synthetic turf first gained popularity when it was invented in the 1960s. It’s a great replacement for natural grass, which is hard to grow in indoor stadiums. However, the artificial grass with low-pile height and densely packed fibers back then were not very comfortable.

Several improvements were made in the 1990s, including height variations. This enhanced the playability of various sports because of more choices to meet ball speed, traction, and heat suppression needs.

What Is Pile Height?

The term “pile height” refers to the length of the tallest blade in the turf. This plays a key role in making a sports field look like it’s made with a beautifully grown bed of grass. Apart from that, it also provides a cushion to the players’ bodies in high-impact sports.

Types of Artificial Grass According to Height

Choosing the right height of artificial grass for a sports field ensures the players’ comfort and enhances their performance. Not to mention, it can reduce the likelihood of injuries. Here are the different pile heights and the sports for which they are most appropriate:

Short-Pile Turf

A short-pile turf has high-density fibers measuring between eight to 12 mm in length. This type of artificial grass is mainly used for cricket pitches or elite-level hockey competitions and is the easiest to clean. The design is made specifically for precision ball control and fast play. The dense structure makes for a clean ball run in games.

Medium-Pile Turf

A medium-pile turf consists of sand-filled carpets with fibers measuring between 20 to 35 mm in length. This type of artificial turf is meant for playing hockey, tennis, and lawn bowl tournaments. It’s also great for most sports training activities.

Long-Pile Turf

A long-pile turf is made of natural-looking fiber blades measuring between 40 to 65 mm in length. They have more room for infill for better shock absorption and force reduction. This is great for a real-grass look and feel and is popular for soccer, rugby, and golf. Some turfs can even go as long as 80 to 85 mm to support other sports like shot put, discus, and javelin throw.