Turf is used on many athletic fields and is revered for its strength and durability. However, over time, even turf can become damaged. Here are a few of the materials that can break down your turf field over time.


Turf may be durable. However, repeated certain liquids can quickly diminish its quality. Arguably, the biggest culprit is paint. The oils contained in certain paints have a tendency to seep into the surface. If that occurs, the paint typically dries fast, causes discoloration and is often next to impossible to remove. Furthermore, such products might increase the turf’s flammability. Turf experts suggest that if you are executing a paint job near artificial turf, said product should be completely covered with a material that is capable of absorbing any spills.

Sharp Objects

Knives or any other sharp objects can slice through turf. Executing these type of repairs are complicated and often of significant cost. Turf professionals caution you to keep cooking items far away from the artificial covering when holding outdoor cookouts to prevent said items from accidentally falling onto or, in some cases, through the turf.

Excessive Heat

Few things are as detrimental to artificial turf as excessive heat. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the product has been known to melt. Turf professionals urge you to realize that any heat source can precipitate extensive damage. Therefore, artificial turf should not be placed in a location that increases its chances of gaining direct sunlight exposure. Additionally, grills, hot tubs or any other outdoor heat source should be kept out of the turf’s range. Furthermore, even cigarette or cigar ashes could elicit discernible damage. Neither you nor your guests should Animal Waste Products

If you own pets, their access to turf should be limited or restricted. Pets like dogs often enjoy digging. Should they dig into turf, extensive and costly damage could ensue. Moreover, the waste products that are dropped when they do their business could precipitate significant deterioration as well.

Excessive Pressure

While turf is made to hold a certain amount of weight and withstand people walking upon it frequently, the material should not continually be jumped on or trampled upon.

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