If you’re like a growing number of pickleball enthusiasts in search of a multi-purpose playing surface, you’ve come to the right place! We’re pickleball court professionals and specialize in designing, installing, maintaining, and assisting with comprehensive court conversions (we can turn a tennis court into 4 pickleball courts). 

Among our most popular court options, pickleball courts are revolutionizing the outdoor experience at schools, community areas, and professional facilities alike. Compact in size and more affordable than other outdoor court styles, pickleball courts provide lower-cost entry, and safer school sporting, and are the perfect complement to any community searching for a healthier outdoor alternative for their residents. Our outdoor pickleball courts have a lot to offer and include a range of versatile benefits like: 

  • Ease of Customization: With a range of surface types available, choose from professional-grade surfaces like concrete or asphalt, or select a court type like Har-Tru clay to boost joint safety and all-weather playability. 
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed with durability in mind, our surfaces are designed to withstand harsh weather and excessive foot traffic without breaking down. Along with investing in materials that last longer upfront, our accessible maintenance experts provide lifetime support for every surface we provide. From like-new pickleball court resurfacing to affordable crack and sectional repairs, we take the guesswork out of stress-free court care. 
  • Protected Players: With impact-resistant characteristics built into many of our most popular outdoor court options, everyone that steps onto the court benefits from the safer surface properties. Even with a more complex surface type like asphalt, our superior coatings prevent slips and our quick-drying clays improve player safety even with rain in the forecast. 

Which Material Type is Right for Your Court? 

If you’ve made the smart decision to improve your space with a pickleball court, the next step is to find a style that supports your desired level of play. If joint protection and beginner-friendly playability is the priority for your outdoor court, our versatile clay surface types are the way to go. If you’re searching for high-velocity ball bounce and tournament-level player traction, asphalt and concrete courts provide the reliable and durable surface performance you need.

Ultimately, the right material surface type for your outdoor pickleball court comes down to preference and available budget. We take the time to compare each surface type in detail and provide everything from foundation preparation to the finishing touches like net placement and striping. With every custom court, we create, you can expect transparent pricing, organized guidance, and a willingness to adapt to your specific needs and requests with courtesy and experience. 

Compare the Details With Our Pickleball Pros

These are only a few of the key court variables and features we have to offer. From budget-friendly tennis court resurfacing, to the widest selection of innovative turfs for other improved field applications, get in touch with our helpful team and we’ll gladly help you determine which court or turf materials are best for your space.