An investment in your facility’s playing surface is a direct investment in every athlete that steps foot onto the field. Both home and travel teams will appreciate the upgrade, and in the end, your facility becomes a destination venue that brings out the best in every practice and game. 

1. Surface Consistency

Turf naturally overcomes a variety of the pitfalls associated with natural fields. With a professional artificial grass installation in NJ, the field is expertly leveled and the turf securely rests upon a base layer that prevents uneven sections of terrain from affecting player safety and traction. 

2. Forgiving Impact Resistance

Turf and injury prevention go hand-in-hand. The softer backings and infills significantly reduce ground impact force, enabling players to perform dives, tackles, and jumps with greater confidence. 

3. Home Team Pride

Since artificial grass naturally retains striping and logos far longer than your average grass field, home team mascots and colors are represented the right way. Customize the grass colors, add in multi-sport striping, and achieve an attractive theme that gives every player a lasting sense of pride. 

4. All-Weather Playability

Whether you invest in a rubber running track surface or quick-drying artificial grass turfs, our professional surface installations adapt to nearly every weather condition. Water runs directly through the artificial grass layers into the drainage system, and with our court and track surfaces, our porous clays and easier-to-squeegee rubber surfaces prevent downtime and promote better traction whenever the rain starts to fall. 

5. Game Time is Mud Free

Slick mud and messy slide tackles are a thing of the past with turf. Players and parents alike can appreciate the stain-free jerseys and safer traction that comes standard with any turf field upgrade. 

6. Player Visibility & Fair Calls

Since the striping lasts longer on artificial turf, every player can see the clearly defined boundaries, foul lines, and distance markings. Brighter striping keeps players in play, simplifies referee calls, and prevents game issues associated with poorly defined striping on natural fields. 

7. No More Fertilizers

A freshly fertilized natural field poses a direct health and safety risk to players. Thanks to all-synthetic turf, diving and sliding face-first into fertilizer pellets or toxic chemicals is no longer an issue that players have to deal with. 

8. Travel Team Appreciation

Other teams that don’t have access to a turf field will appreciate the improved playability your field has to offer. Every team can expect safer games, fair and consistent tournaments, and may even reach out to your facility to rent the space. 

9. Fewer Missed Games

A strained ankle or broken shoulder can quickly end the season for a player. With the safety of turf underfoot, players can focus on winning, rather than worrying about a premature injury cutting their season short. 

10. A Fun Place to Play

From regular practice to recreational school events, turf provides all-around enjoyment for anyone that steps foot onto the field. Kids can play safely, athletes can practice tougher maneuvers, and it’s all made possible with turf.