Artificial Turf in Philadelphia

Do you lose tons of playing time to inclement weather in Philadelphia and other areas of the Northeast? Philly and the surrounding areas are well known for experiencing all of the seasons and their extreme weather conditions throughout the year, which can wear and tear on traditional grass fields. No matter what sports are played at your facility, you could benefit from the installation of artificial turf in Philadelphia. Artificial turf installation can bring you more opportunities to use your fields during the harsh winters in Philadelphia and other places in the northeast, like New Jersey and New York. Whether you are looking to create an indoor field or have a specialized field for baseball, soccer or football, there’s an option for you.

Synthetic Turf Installation & Services in Philly

Philadelphia is a city that experiences all four seasons. Philly has cold, snowy winters and hot summers. Philadelphia also experiences a great deal of precipitation, which could cause grass fields to flood. If flooding occurs, the field will be unusable for a period of time. Artificial turf doesn’t drink water like traditional grass fields do, making it a better option for athletes who need to use the field on a consistent basis. Artificial turf also won’t dry out like the grass fields in Philadelphia could in the summer. It’s much easier to have artificial turf in places like Philadelphia and not have to worry about weather affecting the playing field for your athletes. Overall, with the weather conditions in Philly and the other benefits of having an artificial turf, it’s a great investment to make.

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Turf Replacement

Synthetic turf is typically designed to last for a minimum of 8 years and depending on the level of use and ongoing maintenance, can often exceed this. However, if you notice signs of your field aging, turf replacement is necessary. Usually, the first indication that your artificial turf may need replacement is its color. If the turf has taken on a grayish-green color or a noticeably lighter shade than what it originally was, that’s a sign of UV degradation. Some of the other signs of turf replacement include splitting at the ends of turf fibers, shedding turf fibers, seam separation, loose field inlays that require frequent repair, lines and inlays that appear more worn out than the rest of the field and a firmer feeling underfoot.

Turf Field Construction in Philadelphia

Keystone Sports Construction is a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf fields, both indoor and outdoor. Our company is dedicated to giving our customers the best service and results possible. Philadelphia is a huge city that could benefit from having an artificial turf since there are tons of sports fields for athletes involved in any Philly sports. Keystone Sports Construction is the best artificial turf company in Philadelphia. If you’re looking for turf installation & other synthetic turf services in Philly, contact us today!

Keystone Sports Construction offers artificial turf installation in Philadelphia. Our company is based in PA, and we have done multiple construction projects in Philadelphia.

Synthetic turf has become increasingly popular in high school, college and major league stadiums across the country for many reasons. If you’re interested in having artificial turf installed at your school or stadium, we’re the company to call for the project.

We’re among the best artificial turf installation and construction companies in the Philadelphia area. We can create a unique, one-of-a-kind construction and installation plan for your project and give you a quote upfront before we start. We work with you throughout the construction process and ensure you get exactly what you envisioned.

You’ll be able to use your synthetic turf field year round. Artificial turf can be played or practiced on, rain or shine. You also won’t need to maintain the field as constantly as you would for a traditional grass field. Mowing grass fields is one of the most important and tedious tasks to ensure the field is safe for gameplay. With synthetic turf fields, none of that is necessary.

If you’re looking for artificial turf construction and installation companies in Philadelphia, look no further. Keystone Sports Construction has everything you need, from unique designs, expert artificial turf installers, instant quotes, and a long lasting warranty for your field. Make the next steps and get in touch with our company today to get started on your turf project!

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