As tough as turf fields are, they still require vigilant care and protection. Fortunately, most turf-related issues stem from obvious issues that are easily prevented or resolved with a little know-how. Here’s what we do to keep our clients’ turf fields in great shape after the snow and frost turn into mud and slush. 

Evaluate All Surface Areas Thoroughly

The best defense in the world of field care starts with surface awareness. While you or your maintenance team are performing daily and weekly field tasks, be on the lookout for any noticeable changes. Common issues to be aware of include: 

  • Natural debris or trash trapped within the turf weave
  • Pooling water around the edges of the field
  • Surface inconsistencies like bunched sections of turf
  • Tears or worn-down sections 

Since the harsh conditions of winter can lead to all of the above, we recommend a professional evaluation come spring time. While most of these turf issues are obvious, our experts provide a deeper diagnostic into your turf’s integrity, drainage functionality, and other relevant factors that can affect the look and performance of your field. Prepared with this invaluable field insight, our preventative support is designed to prolong your materials and minimize your costs across the field. 

Take Care of Identified Issues Quickly

Like many problems in life, the sooner they are resolved, the less complicated the solution. Our attentive repairs and artificial turf maintenance comes with years of cost-saving expertise. For example, before a small turf tear leads to an injured player and medical expenses, we provide like-new sectional care to restore the performance and safety of your field fast. 

For other common surface issues, like pooling water along the perimeter, a simple dirt infill and grass replanting may be all that you need to prevent premature edge damage. Even if you don’t require our professional support, we are happy to teach you about other common solutions for surface problems of many kinds. 

Prevent Future Problems With a Better Replacement

Even if you have monitored and repaired your field diligently, all good things must come to an end. If the turf no longer provides safe traction, has been affected by serious storm damage, or you’re ready to transition away from natural grass, our portfolio of built-to-last turf replacement options exceed the highest safety and performance standards. 

Found in professional and college arenas across the country, we exclusively source the leading turf brands for their proven material durability, safety, and all-around playability. If you’re tired of dealing with lawn maintenance or overpriced utility bills, then you’ll immediately notice the benefits with any of our best turf styles. 

Learn More About Turf Inspections, Repairs, & Replacements 

As unique as your turf field and any issues you may have, our pros are here to adapt and simplify the solution. If you need help with a multi-point field inspection, cost-saving repair, or an advanced turf installation, we back every service with free estimates and open-ended design assistance.