Preventing court vandalism, damage to your expensive surface and the integrity of your netting and striping is often an afterthought until an unfortunate incident occurs. As seasoned tennis court maintenance companies, we at Keystone Sports Construction have seen it all, and work side-by-side with our tennis court clients to properly secure, actively maintain, and prevent all of the most common court risk factors. 

Whether your tennis court is indoor or outdoors, every court is exposed to a variety of security risks, and every facility can benefit from a few thoughtful security or maintenance improvements. Take a look at these helpful tennis court protection tips, and stay a step ahead of costly, dangerous, and avoidable tennis court safety concerns with confidence. 

1. Limit Court Access

Any court that’s easily accessible is more likely to be damaged. Designed for tennis and sports played on tennis courts like Pickleball, implementing a court-specific access control system is the best investment you can make for your court. For example, if your court is outdoors and meant to be a shared amenity for your community members, installing affordable fencing and a locked gate that only residents can access is an easy way to deter unauthorized use and vandalism. 

2. Invest in Routine Court Maintenance 

Sometimes tennis court security has nothing to do with criminal behavior or unauthorized use. Player safety is the priority, and if your court has been neglected or damaged, uneven sections or inconsistent surface traction are problems worth fixing. Especially if you rent your courts or are responsible for the well-being of those using your courts, do everything you can to prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring that your space is safe and playable with routine surface care. 

To prevent slips, trips, and other avoidable courtside accidents, we provide services like: 

  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Damage Repair Services
  • Comprehensive Striping Services
  • Court Installations & Conversions

3. Consider Smart Safety Features

After refreshing your tennis court’s surface, a few facility-specific safety features can go a long way in improving the security of your space. One of our most popular safety options for tennis courts is sports barrier netting. Not only do our wrap-around systems keep the ball in play, but sports netting is the easiest way to prevent stray balls from striking fans and other nearby players who have their tennis balls to worry about! 

4. Choose a Better Court Placement

Relocating your courts or choosing a better location to install the court can boost court longevity and prevent safety issues. For instance, by building in a shaded location, you minimize the long-term effects of UV damage. You control criminal temptation by placing your tennis court away from the public street view. 

5. Develop a Safer Plan With Our Experts

From strategically-placed lighting to thoughtfully-arranged court placements, reliable player safety and court security begin with personalized guidance at Keystone Sports Construction. Get in touch with our full-service contractors, and we’ll help you organize a better plan for your new and improved tennis court today.