Even the toughest hardwoods and surface coatings need routine care to prevent costly structural weaknesses. But, how do you know when it’s time for a resurface or repair? Fortunately, almost every gym-floor risk factor comes with easily detectable signs of deformations and damage. Instead of waiting for these obvious cracks, dings, and worn-away surface coatings to emerge, our gym floor installation pros at Keystone Sports recommend a proactive approach. 

Of course, how your resurfacing and floor care timeline looks largely depends on the frequency and intensity of surface use. In general, heavy-use gym floor surfaces may require resurfacing as often as every 6 months. For lighter-use gym flooring, you may be able to prolong resurfacing up to a year or longer between touch-ups. 

The frequency of surface refurbishment also depends on the material type and the quality of the finish you manage. For instance, a new concrete floor that has an ultra-resilient polyurethane barrier will require less care than a hardwood surface that has a thin coating or is rarely cleaned.  

Protect Your Surfaces With a Better Initial Installation

Since the initial quality of the gym flooring installation and coating are the main determining factors in the overall flooring costs and maintenance needs, you can drastically simplify your life by choosing higher-quality materials at the beginning. For example, by choosing a superior hardwood that’s professionally sealed, it can last for 50+ years when properly cared for. Additionally, a stronger and thicker flooring material will withstand impacts better, retain its surface reliability, and maximize the number of times you can resurface the wood before replacement is required. 

Upgrade Your Inspection Plans

Without a well-defined care plan, it’s easy to overlook minor problems before they progress. Instead of reacting to gym floor problems after they occur, our insightful inspection processes and preventative maintenance services will keep you a step ahead of gym flooring issues with consistency. 

During our multi-point surface investigations, our pros at Keystone Sports Construction will teach you: 

  • What causes gym flooring damage 
  • How to avoid many of the common risk factors
  • Damaged warning signs to look for 
  • How we can repair sections and refurbish damaged areas for less
  • Simple tips to care for your hardwood, concrete, or synthetic surfaces like a pro

Overcome Your Gym Flooring Issues Today

Prepared with the flooring-specific advice you need, we hope to simplify your plans and protect your facility from avoidable surface expenses and dangerous athlete risk factors. Regardless of surface type, our gym flooring experts specialize in cost-saving remediations for facilities of any size. 

Even if the flooring damage is severe, our solution-oriented contractors provide a wealth of repair and replacement options. If it’s time for a new flooring update, we have access to a portfolio of player-safe options and provide comprehensive support with all phases of the flooring design, installation, and ongoing follow-up care. 

Have other questions about gym floor care, repairs, or resurfacing? Contact our helpful contractors for no-obligation advice today.