After developing a well-defined turf installation plan, honoring the budget and remaining within the proposed time frame can be accomplished. But, how your field’s plan and installation timeframe looks will vary significantly based on important factors like fund availability, field location, permit requirements, and the contractors you choose to partner with. 

With the above turf field essentials in mind, let’s take a look at the general time it takes to accomplish each of the crucial planning, budgeting, and installation steps. 

Drafting a Concise Turf Field Plan 

Before taking out a loan or calling in the construction crew, thorough turf field research and identification of your priority needs will simplify the steps that follow. To begin, our baseball field construction companies recommend seeking professional guidance to minimize project oversights and avoidable delays.  

Our experienced contractors will help you navigate the details and craft an outline that addresses important planning topics, such as: 

  • Determining the best place to install the field; our experienced contractors assess important variables like field accessibility, drainage, and other factors to ensure the perfect site for your field
  • Organizing additional field features like lighting, seating, concession areas, and sports netting
  • How you will fund the project and the upfront/ongoing costs you can expect for your desired field type
  • Regulatory requirements like local field permits and safety features that must be acquired before construction and field use

Due to variable field factors like permit acquisition, material research, and the time it can take to secure a contractor, expect to allocate about 4-8 weeks for turf field planning.

Use the Plan to Create a Budget

With your strategic outline in place, it’s easy to define an accurate project estimate. Before purchasing a single item, we back all artificial grass installations for soccer fields, football fields, and multi-use arenas with play-by-play estimates. With our transparent pros at Keystone Sports powering your project from start to finish, you can expect: 

  • Access to more material types for cost savings and tailored surface performance
  • Factual cost analysis for current and future considerations; we empower our clients with upfront pricing, expected maintenance expenses, and full-service repairs for long-term budget preservation
  • Access to full-service contractor support; we manage all phases of field preparation, material sourcing, and installation for lower-cost project completion

For help with your budget planning, allow our pros to help you create an itemized spreadsheet that accounts for everything from the affordable turf costs to the superior safety netting that protects your fans. 

Expected Turf Field Installation Timeframe

The average turf field installation requires approximately 3 to 6 weeks after the plan and permits have been finalized. With our time and budget-saving expertise, our organized installation processes result in fewer project delays and ongoing support for all of the steps above. 

We can support your facility with safe, durable, and stylish turf, contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction and discover the many ways we can simplify your project today.