Use of synthetic turf has slowly but surely become one of the next big trends in outdoor athletics.  More and more fields, stadiums, and parks are converting their property to an artificial surface to enhance performance, and more importantly to prioritize safety.  We’re also seeing indoor athletic establishments making the move as well.  They’re going to have very different needs and priorities, however. 


Outdoor athletic areas are often reserved for one particular sport, and other times rented out for social events and entertainment.  But indoor areas are able to cater to multiple different sports, athletic activities, and workout routines for both the athletically-inclined and casual users.  Regardless of why someone is there, however, they’ll be using the same flooring, and indoor turf helps create a more suitable environment for everyone.


Artificial turf is designed to withstand intense activity.  For outdoor sports this helps players who run back and forth during a game.  For indoor activities like weight lifting this means it can handle having heavy dumbbells and barbells dropped onto it without experiencing any damage.  You won’t find any cracks or indents, even in high traffic areas.


Turf can pair up nicely next to rubber gym flooring, helping keep the entire surface of the gym floor uniform.  Like its outdoor counterpart, indoor synthetic grass is made to absorb moisture.  Spills are no longer a concern if synthetic turf is installed.  Instead of having to mop regularly it’s recommended to use an antimicrobial spray at least once a week.  They’re very easy to keep clean, and a cleaner surface means a safer surface.  Speaking of which…


Synthetic turf is shock-absorbing.  This means it helps reduce injuries from slips, trips, and falls.  It’s also comfier to stand on for longer periods of time, which is especially important for exercises and workout routines that involve repetitive motions.  It reduces pressure on the joints and reduces shock to the knees, hips, and ankles.

The Keystone Difference

Whether it’s synthetic turf or rubber gym flooring you need installed in your indoor athletic area, we at Keystone Sports Construction can do it all.  Our commercial gym flooring is easy to customize, from the size to the color to logos, amplifying the ambiance and adding a little personality to your indoor gym.  If you’re looking to give your indoor gym an upgrade contact Keystone Sports Construction today.  We look forward to helping you.