Giving your home an upgrade in appearance is both fun and practical. A new coat of paint can breathe life into an older building, and installing patio decor can increase the property value.  Artificial turf is equally capable of transforming your home’s exterior, adding so much potential to an otherwise bland, vacant space. This is entirely possible with little to no effort from the homeowner. 

Recreational Areas

Artificial turf is frequently used for soccer, football, and track and field because it’s easy to maintain and has many safety benefits. By installing turf you can bring the excitement of the sporting world to your backyard. You can create tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and golf courses. Artificial turf is even-leveled, has a built-in drainage system to stay dry, and it can’t be dug up by either little hands or big paws, so it’s perfect for families and pet owners. 

Green All Year

Synthetic grass can maintain its lush green color despite the weather or season. This can save homeowners a great deal of money in the summer by lowering their water bills. The material used in artificial turf is manufactured to be UV-resistant so it won’t be bleached despite the constant direct exposure to sunlight. There’s also no risk of it drying out and catching fire during dry spells either. Artificial turf is sure to make any home the envy of the neighborhood.

Minimal Lawn Maintenance

Artificial turf never needs to be mowed or clipped, unlike natural grass. Likewise, maintaining the same length means you never need to worry about fertilizers and growth-stimulating chemicals. It covers the dirt below and remains firmly in place, meaning it won’t erode and you can’t tread mud indoors during inclement weather. Bugs, critters, and pesky weeds can’t make their homes in it so homeowners will never need to apply pesticides.

Easy to Add

These are only three of many ways that synthetic grass can transform your residential area.  Versatile and durable, it has something to offer every homeowner looking to give their space a little something extra. Likewise, we at Keystone Sports Construction have low artificial turf cost and a talented staff that make it possible for anyone to experience the joy and simplicity of synthetic grass. If you’re interested in giving your home an upgrade or want to know more about the benefits of artificial turf, contact us today by phone or email. We are available for all of your turf installation, maintenance, and repair needs.