Keeping Players Safe

As with any sport, one key feature of the game is ensuring that players are safe. One bad injury can take someone out of the game for the day, for the season or for the rest of their career. That’s one of the reasons why many sports stadiums have turned to synthetic turf. At Keystone Sports Construction, we offer high-quality synthetic turf fields for every sport. Here’s why synthetic turf makes playing sports safer.

Softer Landing

Synthetic turf uses rubber and other materials in its mesh system. Rubber is much softer to fall on than the hard ground. This helps players reduce the risk of breaking their bones or suffering from a concussion if they hit their heads. By providing a softer fall, players can get back up and get back into the game.

Shock Absorption

Many new synthetic turf designs also include shock absorption. Shock absorption with turf can provide a cushion to those who are involved in a collision. In football, for example, players often tackle each other to the ground. Sometimes this is done with great force. That force can injure a player. Turf that has shock absorption can limit how much damage is done.

Shock absorption is also beneficial because that means when players are running, jumping or landing on the turf, it isn’t sending that same force into their legs and bodies. The shock absorption is easier on every players’ body, making injuries less common.

Removal of Holes

Grass fields become damaged quickly during a match. Even if it was pristine before, it can quickly turn into a muddy mess with holes in it. For a player, stumbling into a hole can cause a serious injury. They may break their ankles or their entire leg. Synthetic fields remove that possibility. Holes are less likely to occur in synthetic fields. This is due to the network of meshes that are interlocked together to create the field.

No longer do players have to worry about stepping the wrong way in a hole.

Reduction of Slips

When grass is wet, it can become slippery. Players may slip when taking off or stopping and end up falling to the ground and hurting themselves. Synthetic turf is less slippery and can offer players a firm grip on the ground. Synthetic turf can also be played on in the rain or shine, whereas games need to be postponed if it’s raining and the grass field is soaked and muddy.

Get Your Synthetic Turf Today

If you want to limit the number of injuries that players acquire, then you should install synthetic turf. Contact our construction company today to get started.