There are many factors to consider when installing synthetic turf. One factor to consider is whether your artificial turf will fade over time or not.

This is a difficult question to answer because of the many different products on the market. The majority of synthetic turf products manufactured in the 21st-century have been developed with a number of fade-resistant chemicals built in. These chemicals are known as UV Stabilizers and come together to form a barrier to resist the problem of fading under the powerful rays of the sun.

The UV stabilizers found in the majority of synthetic turf products are added during the manufacturing process and built into the product to provide the highest level of protection from fading. In most cases, the synthetic turf you purchase for your stadium or complex will come with a guarantee against fading that usually lasts the lifespan of a product. The average lifespan guaranteed by most manufacturers is 8 years. With Keystone Sports Construction, our flagship TN-52s product comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the longest warranty offered in the industry.

We also use the highest-quality UV stabilizers and color packages to help maintain color and keep fibers from breaking down. This assures that our fields reach their warranty life span. It also assures that logos and other colored components remain vibrant – an important factor in brand recognition for collegiate and professional athletic organizations.

With some turf installation companies, you’ll see some level of fading over time. Eight years should be utilized as the basis of the analysis of a synthetic turf surface, although ten years or more may be reasonably anticipated with the selection of a quality surface and proper maintenance.

With Keystone, your turf is manufactured to the highest quality standards and installed by skilled professionals. We go above and beyond to make sure your highest needs are met. Your turf will be certified for quality, independently tested and designed for sport-specific performance that will exceed your expectations. Our turfs last longer and we work diligently to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect with each customer.

We are the premier turf company and ensure our clients get the best product we offer. We can promise certified quality, customized solutions, superior products, long-term support, and so much more. If you’re ready to take your field to the next level, contact us today!