Occasionally, a storm hits up a town or a city affecting residential areas and public establishments. This is a natural phenomenon that we do not have control of. The best thing we can do is to assess the damage, clean up and repair what we can fix.

Big areas like sports fields are hard to fix if you do not have the right people to do it for you. If you are looking for the right people to take care of any concerns regarding turf fields, we at Keystone Sports Construction are always ready to provide you with our best services.

As an expert in maintaining playing fields, here are the five issues that you should inspect after a storm hit your turf field:

1. Debris and dirt brought by the storm

Strong winds might bring in a lot of debris from outside the playing field. Fallen debris damages the pristine look of a sports field and could hurt the players during events. It is best to do a clean-up to remove fallen debris like tree branches, leaves, and garbage.

We offer field cleaning and debris removal after a storm. We ensure that no litter, leaves, and dirt are in the field before use.

2. Holes and Tears

Holes and tears in turf fields are dangerous and might cause injuries to players. If you notice any tear in your turf after a storm, we recommend patching it up immediately to prevent a larger tear and to avoid anyone tripping over it.

3. Infill Level

Storms with accompanying heavy floods might wash away or disrupt the infill distribution on the field surface. This will affect the hardness of the surface which is important to preventing concussions from players’ impact on the field surface.

In our maintenance service, we ensure that your infill is properly maintained and in prime condition.

4. Turf Floods

Floods caused by overwhelming rain may create puddles after the storm. Usually, it will take a few days for the water to dissipate and drain. If it stays on for longer, there might be a problem with your drainage systems.

5. Uneven and Noticeable Seams

The storm might cause synthetic turfs from lifting a little bit, especially on the seams. This causes the seams to become uneven and noticeable. After the storm, it is better to do thorough maintenance to ensure that every synthetic turf is in the proper place.

We offer a great maintenance service to artificial playing fields. We meticulously check every surface to ensure that your playing field is in prime condition. What are you waiting for? Ensure your playing field is in the best condition it can be. Call us to discuss what we can do for your sports field!