Modern turf is the perfect way to maximize your field’s potential. With a variety of super durable varieties, the latest artificial grass styles are the ideal way to create a shared space for nearly every sport imaginable! With enhanced player safety, improved traction, and minimal maintenance required, a turf field is a highly cost-effective solution to bring out the best in your athletes’ performance!  

Turf is Ideal for a Variety of Sports

Turf is renowned for its versatility and superior performance properties over traditional grass fields. Thanks to the nature of artificial grass, the fibers retain striping and team logos much more effectively. This leads to clearly defined striping that resists fading from natural elements and high-use athletic wear and tear. 

Sharing the field is easy with a professionally installed turf field. With precision detail, an athletic turf company can expertly stripe your turf field to accommodate a number of sports, like:

  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Track & Field
  • Soccer
  • And More…

Attract Teams to Your Field With Artificial Grass

Thanks to the versatility of turf, striping for multiple sports transforms your field into an attractive practice and competition location. With the enhanced safety and improved surface traction, local area teams can benefit from your upgraded space. Whether you’re looking to rent out your field to neighboring teams, or simply need a reliable surface for your teams to train on, a turf field is an ultimate upgrade for your athletes. 

Both athletes and parents can appreciate the benefits of turf. Due to the diverse selection of cushioned turf infills, turf offers a forgiving surface that prevents player injury. Unlike standard grass fields that are prone to uneven terrain, filled with rocks and dangerous clumps of grass, turf is designed to maintain the consistent form that can stand up to the toughest of athletic endeavors. 

Reduce Maintenance Expenses and More

Beyond the numerous sports applications and safety features turf provide, an artificial grass field presents an amazing cost-saving opportunity for your facility. With a traditional grass field, expenses like costly water bills, mowing services, and grounds maintenance are done away with thanks to turf.  

Well-designed modern turfs are built to last for years of extensive use. Other than minimal maintenance like debris removal, clearing perimeter growths, and gentle surface raking, turf is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain for consistent surface performance that lasts long into the future. 

If you’d like to learn more about a turf field upgrade for your facility, contact our experienced athletic turf company today!