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Keystone Sports Construction is the best synthetic turf installation and construction company in Pittsburgh. We offer a wide range of synthetic turf services, including turf installation, turf maintenance and turf replacement. When you’re in need of top notch synthetic turf products and services like athletic turf maintenance, turn to our suppliers.

Our company is with you from conception to completion of the project. Our suppliers in Pittsburgh can offer you a quote for your project and provide you with a timeline. We can also work with you to come up with a design and overall look for your field. Once all of the ground work is completed, our turf installation and construction team will get started on bringing your vision to life. Once the construction process is complete, you’ll have a brand new, high-quality field to use.

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Turf maintenance is an essential part of taking care of your field to ensure it has a long lifespan. There are many forms of turf maintenance that may need to be done, and it’s recommended that you get artificial turf maintenance done by a professional at least once a year.

Some frequently requested athletic turf maintenance services in Pittsburgh include infill levels and inspections. Checking the infill levels is important to ensure the safety of your players and the quality of the field. Infill provides a low-impact and durable layer of protection. It’s important to get these levels checked to make sure the infill layer is consistent in depth and compaction on the field.



Besides sports turf maintenance, we can also provide turf replacement services if your turf is in need of major repairs or is completely worn down. With proper artificial turf maintenance, turf fields should be able to last 8-10 years on average before turf replacement is necessary. If you notice these signs, it may be time to replace your turf:

  • Color change
  • Splitting at the ends of turf fibers
  • Seam separation
  • Loose field inlays that require frequent repair
  • A firmer feeling underfoot

You can count on our suppliers to replace your turf whenever you need.

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Yearly inspections are a common form of sports turf maintenance because it’s a preventative measure that allows experts to fix any minor issues before they become major. This form of turf maintenance ensures the longevity of your field. There are other forms of artificial turf maintenance that can be done without a professional. Cleaning the turf and getting rid of any debris is a quick and simple sports turf maintenance task that can be incredibly effective.

Other forms of sports turf maintenance include:
– Infill decompaction
– Infill depth tests
– Infill replenishment
– G-max testing

We’re the best full-service artificial turf company in Pittsburgh and can provide you with top notch turf maintenance, installation and construction services.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Pittsburgh is known for experiencing all four seasons and their extreme weather conditions. From sunshine and hot temperatures to rain or snow, turf can handle it all with minimal wear and tear. Artificial turf fields also don’t tend to flood and get muddy like grass fields do. You’ll be able to play and clear your field easily regardless of the weather.

We also provide indoor turf field solutions for sports facilities in Pittsburgh. Even though weather doesn’t impact artificial turf much, indoor fields are a definitive way to know you’ll be able to play or practice regardless of the weather conditions. Indoor fields have a climate controlled environment and have the same durability and quality that outdoor artificial turf has.

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