Among the most worthwhile investments in the world of sporting surfaces, a new running track invites player safety, monetization opportunities, and many other facility-friendly benefits. Of course, accessing these worthwhile benefits will require some creative financing, careful planning, and a reputable contractor who can manage the project concerning your final budget. 

1. Start With an Accurate Project Quote

Before pursuing fundraising, seeking a facility-specific running track estimate will provide you with a clear budgetary objective. During the initial quoting process, you should also compare and contrast other considerations that will affect the final price. Be sure to ask our contractors about the best running track surface options, in-field artificial grass installation costs, and other additions like fencing or seating to ensure your final estimate is as accurate as possible. 

Prepared with your accurate project quote, it’s time to find the funding and bring your dream track into a cost-effective reality. 

2. Seek Support From Local Organizations

Chances are high that your facility’s new track will also benefit your community in one way or another. Perhaps your running track will be a great place for neighboring teams, a church group, or other local organizations to use for fun events and joint-safe exercise. Think about the benefits a new track could provide for your community, then get in touch with any organizations that would gladly donate funds in return for access to the space.

3. Partner With Connected Associations

Before seeking funds from far and wide, can you request support from any groups or associations that have a mutual interest in the success of your program? For instance, if your facility is associated with a school, contacting supportive alumni members or hosting a fundraising campaign through the PTA or booster club may be the easiest way to secure the cash you need. 

4. Utilize the Power of Many

Since many teams and organizations can benefit from a new track, consider outsourcing your efforts through the help of others. Grassroots advertising on social media, online crowdsourcing campaigns and enthusiastic word of mouth can go a long way. 

5. Seek a Supportive Grant

Since a running track directly promotes health and wellness, you may be able to find a private, local, state, or even national grant that supports your project goals. Do an online search for grants in your county and begin applying today. 

6. Access Funding Through Advertising

Offering to promote companies at your popular venue can open the doors to valuable financing. For instance, you can utilize existing spaces to promote a company’s brand to access funding or propose an ongoing advertisement deal once the track is complete in exchange for the funding you need today. 

7. Creative Events to Raise Funds

With multiple teams or local organizations on board, traditional fundraising methods like bake sales, car washes, and ice cream socials can quickly add up. Like the grassroots fundraising efforts above, combine the power of many with creative events to accumulate more than enough cash to complete your project.