Synthetic turf fields out play the competition in many ways. We are going to compare and contrast the benefits of turf fields versus natural grass fields.

Watering vs. Cutting
When it comes to watering versus cutting the turf field has it hands down over the natural grass field. Both need to be watered but for different reasons. Natural grass must be watered often to ensure proper grass growth. The turf field must be watered simply to remove dust and dirt buildup.

Wear From Traffic
When it comes to foot traffic on turf as compared to grass fields, again turf fields take it hands down. Foot traffic can make bare spots on a natural grass field. Turf is far more equipped to handle foot traffic without noticeable wear and tear.

Turf fields are clearly far more durable than natural grass fields. They handle foot traffic better. If the turf is well-maintained, it can last for up to 20 years or more if you use the proper artificial turf care maintenance.

Ease of Cleaning
Turf fields are much easier to clean than are natural grass fields. If leaves get on turf it only takes a blower to blow them off. If dust and dirt get on it then you simply need to hose it off or let the rain take care of it.

Long Term Maintenance Costs
While the initial cost of installation of a turf field can be heavy, the long-term maintenance cost will make the difference over the years of use. Natural grass fields need constant watering, seeding, cutting, pesticide application and etc. Turf fields need none of that. There are maintenance costs associated with them, but it is less in the long term.

Turf fields will maintain their appearance much better over the long term than natural grass fields. They handle wear and tear better and weather better, so they won’t turn brown in high temperatures.

Choice of Grass Type
When purchasing a turf field, the organization can choose what kind of grass they want. From length to thickness and type of grass they have many options to choose from.

Because turf does not require pesticides or nearly as much water, it is much more eco-friendly than natural grass fields.

Water Conservation
Turf fields don’t require watering on a regular basis. If they get dusty and dirty you can simply hose them off. If you live in a rainy region then the rain can do that job for you.

Water Runoff
Turf fields are better able to handle water run off than natural grass fields. They can be used to catch the water and use it for other applications.

The benefits of turf fields almost overwhelmingly overshadow the benefits it’s natural grass field competitor. A company that specializes in artificial grass installation in NJ can help you find the perfect solution for you, so you can ditch the old grass field and gain see the benefits for yourself!