With summer break just around the corner, May is the perfect time of year to make much-needed improvements and resolve facility issues that are difficult to manage mid-season. Whether you operate an outdoor track, an indoor gym, or a professional stadium, here are some compelling reasons to make worthwhile investments in your facility this spring! 

May Weather Promotes Delay-Free Facility Upgrades

Thanks to the longer days and warmer conditions, May is a great time for delay-free construction and time-sensitive facility care tasks. Since specialized processes like running track resurfacing and court installations require dry and stable conditions, the predictable weather patterns of May are naturally conducive to on-budget and on-time construction plans. Even applicable for indoor improvement projects, contractor-friendly spring weather ensures that needed supplies and other vital facility add-ons will be delivered and installed on schedule. 

Off-Season Facility Upgrades Minimize Sports Disruptions

Prevent tournament cancellations and empower your teams by managing the soccer field, baseball diamond repair, or football field installation between peak seasons. End-of-season care is also preferred since any field damage from the previous year can be resolved alongside the timely field renovation or repair plans. 

Depending on the extent of your facility update plans, most field or court improvements can be completed before the next season begins. By taking steps to improve your facility this May, your athletes, fans, and revenue streams all benefit from disruption-free games, events, and practices once the new season rolls around. 

May is the Best Time to Improve the Safety of Your Facility

Maintaining player safety and adhering to code compliance is simplified when you schedule your annual inspection and maintenance in May. Since any obvious damage or safety concerns are more likely to be present after the previous year’s use or potentially-damaging winter conditions, our qualified facility evaluations and recommendations can help you: 

  • Remedy any safety concerns before the tournament season begins
  • Identify and resolve early signs of surface damage before it progresses
  • Prepare for the future and prevent expensive repairs/replacements; we provide full-service surface care and valuable maintenance tips to help you preserve and prolong your facility for years to come

Attract Fans & Teams With Better Facility Amenities

While our contractors are assisting with the inspection, ask our pros about the many ways we can elevate the experience for your players and guests. We specialize in all things facility improvement and can optimize your facility plans with a variety of multipurpose additions that enhance the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of everyone who attends. 

In harmony with the inviting May weather and off-season construction freedom, popular additions like sports facility netting, energy-efficient lighting, and injury-preventing turfs offer long-term benefits for the athletes and fans, and open the doors to new revenue opportunities for your facility. 

We can help you transform your facility into the premier destination for local tournaments, field rentals, and player-safe performance. Contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction for a free and informative facility consultation today!