Synthetic turf has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. Today’s synthetic turf fields look more professional and feel just like natural grass fields.

Synthetic turf fields are known for their durability and long lifespans. Artificial turf fields can endure more than 500 event hours before needing any type of repair, whereas a grass field can only withstand 100 hours. Synthetic turf fields also remain intact from inclement weather and days of continual use.

Most manufacturers guarantee 8 years for artificial turf use. However, you can get 10 years of use if you purchase a high-quality surface and properly maintain it. At Keystone Sports Construction, our flagship TN-52-S product comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the longest warranty offered in the industry.

With our company, your turf will be installed by skilled professionals and manufactured to the highest quality. Your turf will be certified for quality, independently tested and designed for sport-specific performance.

To fully reap the benefits of synthetic turf and prolong its longevity, routine maintenance and repairs should be performed by experienced sports construction professionals who specialize in synthetic turf. We have the experience and technical expertise to perform a detailed survey of the existing synthetic turf field system, identifying opportunities to improve your field condition and extend its usability.

The lifespan of your synthetic turf field depends on the amount of use it gets, but with Keystone Sports Construction, you can expect a high-quality turf that will last longer than any other manufacturer in the industry. If you’re interested in installing a turf field that’ll last you a long time, contact us today!