There are a multitude of sports that can have their fields made of synthetic turf for safe and effective playing. Synthetic turf replicates the look and feel of real grass. It is becoming more and more popular for college teams, recreational fields, community fields and professional fields. It is easy to take care of with little maintenance needed after games, including large tournaments. Here are various sports that can develop fields made of synthetic turf.

1. Golf

Golf ranges, especially indoor, are perfect for synthetic turf. Golfers can drive from the turf just as they would from real grass. They can even play the sport in any weather condition.

2. Softball and Baseball

Synthetic turf can be utilized for these sports’ fields for games, practices or camps. It can provide comfort to the players as well. These fields will not be destroyed by weather concerns.

3. Batting Cages

Though not specifically a field, batting cages can utilize synthetic turf. It allows players to improve their swing. Bad weather also will not be a determinant.

4. Soccer

Soccer is a great sport that can be played on synthetic turf. The turf is durable and fire resistant. It also will feel like playing on real grass.

5. Lacrosse

Synthetic turf is perfect for lacrosse. It can be utilized for games or training. It offers ideal playing with less injuries.

6. Football

Professional, college and recreational football teams utilize synthetic turf. The turf is inexpensive and easy to maintain. It also provides a cushion for tackles.

7. Rugby

Rugby is similar to football, but it can be played all year. Synthetic turf provides great quality fields for training. It also can withstand the demands rugby places on it.

8. Military

Fields military uses for training can use synthetic turf. The navy and air force use synthetic turf for training. It is durable and will last under intense training.

9. Fitness Centers

Though gyms and fitness centers are not a field, synthetic turf is excellent for use. It maintains cleanliness and a great appearance. It also can handle the intense fitness drills.

10. Playgrounds

Finally, though also not a field, many playgrounds are incorporating synthetic turf. It is comfortable and safe for falls. It also will support the intensity of multiple children running over it.

Synthetic turf can be utilized for a variety of playing surfaces and fields. Contact us today to learn more about what synthetic turf can do for you. Learn more about the comfort, durability and safety it provides.