As a sports facility owner, proactive field care and thoughtful safety features should be a top priority for your space. If a player or fan is injured by your facility’s neglect, the injured individual may choose to pursue a liability case against your facility. While the majority of athletic and fan injuries are a direct result of the game (and you wouldn’t be liable in most cases), any minor field or court issue that contributes to an injury could be used against you. 

To minimize your risk of liability, take a look at these helpful precautions and empower your facility with lasting safety and an enhanced athletic experience in mind. 

Develop a Vigilant Field Inspection Plan

Actively monitoring the integrity of your surfaces and routinely removing objects is like free liability protection. After every game, before every practice, and before opening your facility for the day, walk each field or court and look for obvious warning signs. Serious court and field issues to look for include: 

  • Torn or Broken Sections of Material
  • Lifting Edges or Clumping Sections of Turf
  • Cracks, Surface Warping, & Worn Sections of Material
  • Objects & Debris of Any Kind

When regular inspection becomes a routine part of your care plan, new issues will be obvious. If you spot any of the above, our football, soccer, and baseball field turf maintenance experts can extend the life of virtually every material type. We offer complete repairs, resurfacing, and affordably replace everything from indoor turf soccer fields to outdoor clay tennis courts with our all-inclusive support services. 

Review Your Guest Accommodations & Safety Features

After the field inspection, bring your attention to your facility’s guest accommodations. Are your stairways supported by safety handrails? Are walkways and guest areas well-lit and free of tripping hazards? Are your handicap-accessible features properly maintained (like regularly salting entryway ramps)? In addition to identifying and resolving obvious gaps in attendee safety, investing in useful facility features like sports netting or fencing around the arena can be worthwhile investments.

There’s no such thing as too much facility safety. Our artificial turf company in New York will gladly connect you with some facility-specific strategies to help you establish a safer experience for your guests.

Invest in Professional Inspection & Maintenance Services

Even well-kept surfaces and durable materials like turf require routine attention to maintain optimal surface performance and longevity. In harmony with your new inspection plan above, our seasoned field and court contractors provide turn-key assistance with routine upkeep and preventative protection. Our helpful services make it easy to stay ahead of problematic liability risks, and we back every service with useful education that prepares you to keep your field or court in great condition. 

As ever-changing as your specific facility risks are, our adaptable team goes above and beyond to introduce trusted safety into every feature. Get in touch with our expert contractors today, and discover the many ways we can help you maintain liability-free operations today.