In the past, regular grass was the only option you had when choosing the playing surface for a sport. Today, artificial turf is popularly used in sports. As the market expands, new designs and upgrades have different sports moving away from traditional grass.

There are dozens of benefits to using turf fields; the question is, what are the benefits of using turf for your sport? Let’s take a look at some popular sports and how turf improves performance and safety.


Football is one of the most popular sporting activities in North America. American football is an exciting sport that showcases strategy, strength, and athleticism. Being a game of high intensity, its playing surface will take a beating from falling bodies, cleats, and severe weather conditions.

Football utilizes the whole fields playing surface more than most sports; hence you need an artificial football turf that will endure heavy wear and tear. The ideal football playing surface should be able to absorb impact when the players hit the ground. Arena football turf is becoming increasingly more popular at the professional level, as well as lower levels.

Our football turf maximizes speed and performance and ensures consistent footing. Our football turf fields increase player safety, performance, and consistency.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The high increase in soccer fans and participants has created a stronger need for the benefits that artificial turf offers. Our artificial soccer turfs are engineered for longevity, safety, and smooth game experience.

Soccer is an intense game that covers lots of ground during play. Having an artificial soccer field has many advantages as compared to traditional grass. Natural grass cannot remain resilient if used in bad weather or for more than three days a week. Traditional grass fields are less eco-friendly and require high maintenance costs.


Some say baseball is “America’s favorite sport”. Baseball players need an artificial turf that reacts and feels like traditional grass while ensuring the ball’s true course, spin, and hop off the playing field. Although synthetic baseball turfs don’t involve aggressive field tear and wear, they must allow integration of the runners’ path and bases.

Our artificial turf baseball fields are built for reliable ball interaction and player safety.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is a famous sport played across the globe and in the Olympics. While the sport is more popular for women in the United States, a lot of men outside the US enjoy it as well. Field hockey is one of the few games where there is continuous contact between the surface and the ball.
The optimal artificial turf should be flat and smooth. This ensures the right speed, course, and distance of the rolling ball. Our high standard field hockey turf solutions are engineered for lower maintenance and player safety.

Keystone Sports Construction offers the best turf solutions for your favorite sport while ensuring player safety and optimal performance is met.