Field performance depends on the maintenance of artificial fields. Neglected fields develop hard spots or even scorched and melted areas. Maintaining artificial turf regularly is the best solution. Keystone Sports Construction is here to help you if you lack experience or equipment.

After all, turf fields are expensive. There is nothing worse than ruining a six-figure investment. A poorly maintained field is problematic.

Remove Stains as Soon as Possible

Some people mistakenly believe synthetic turf is impervious to staining in its entirety.

There are still a few things that can cause stains, however, besides dirt, water, and sand.

On the field, you may find animal waste, blood from an injury, or a stain from debris from a storm.

If you notice these stains, get rid of them as soon as possible. In time, they will ingratiate themselves into the fibers.

Always use as much hot water and soap as possible when removing a stain. Make use of your hose if you have hot and soapy water available!

Trim Your Field’s Foliage

The majority of fields, especially those at high schools and colleges, are surrounded by trees, bushes, etc.

Keeping your field’s foliage trimmed will prevent debris from flying onto your field.

It won’t be harmed by normal amounts of leaves, but excess debris will harm the turf.

Pick Up Debris Frequently

You must maintain your football field consistently and thoroughly. Make sure to clean synthetic fibers in your field regularly to maintain their quality.

A difficult aspect of field preparation is clearing the field and surrounding area of debris.

Maintenance crews are essential to clean up after all major events in the field.

Besides helping the environment, you will ensure your turf remains in good condition.

Keep It Cool on Hot Days

Turf can be damaged by heat. If you live in a hot climate, you might have trouble escaping the heat.

Be sure to water the turf down on hot spring or summer days to help it cool off a bit.

Using that method, the turf will be able to combat some of the heat from the sun that may cause it to warp or lose its color.

Keep Motorized Vehicles Off of It

Sports facilities are increasingly using ATVs and golf carts as forms of transportation.

Keep motorized vehicles off the field for your entire staff by enforcing a policy.

It is obvious that in certain circumstances, including when a player must be carted off the field, that rule can be lifted. The turf will remain in good condition if they are kept off the field as much as possible.

Pick the Correct Field Installation Company

Synthetic turf experts can provide you with some crucial pieces of maintenance your field needs.

Hire an installation and maintenance company that will handle all your maintenance needs for years to come.

The right training, tools, and equipment will help you become more knowledgeable and in better shape to maintain your field. An installation company that prioritizes training will assist your staff to install your field properly.

For your turf’s maintenance needs, contact us at 877-407-4585 today!