Plan events that captivate the crowd and inspire teams from far and wide to visit your arena with a creative approach to making the most of your sporting events. There’s a lot to consider as your event progresses from the planning phase to the day of the big game, so we’ve thought of a few helpful ideas to ensure that your next event stands out as an occasion to remember, 

Appearance is Important

Before hiring a half-time performer and sending in the marching band, the first step in any successful event begins with the cleanliness and professional appeal of your arena. The aesthetic of your field says a lot about your facility, and when guests and teams are met with a properly maintained and cared for location, everyone benefits. A tidy field that’s free of trash and debris is easy to maintain. Clean bleachers and concessions improve the guest experience. If your space could use a touch-up in any noticeably unsightly areas, take the time to ensure that your facility’s appearance doesn’t interfere with the vibe at your next event. 

Evaluate Your Field Quality

Is your turf, court, or field surface material in disrepair or unsafe for players? Before sending out the event advertisements, an honest field evaluation and potential surface update may be required before hosting the big event. Whether you’re managing an indoor or outdoor venue, there are a ton of modern turf and advanced court surfaces to consider if you decide that your surface conditions are unacceptable. 

If you operate a traditional grass field, you may be interested in comparing the overall artificial grass installation cost versus long-term natural grass maintenance. Modern turf varieties are simple to maintain, prevent ongoing costs like watering and mowing and elevate surface aesthetics for events that stand out from the competition. Throw in other turf benefits like optimized player safety, improved traction, and optional colored varieties and you have an award-winning event combination.  

Host Accessible & Unforgettable Events

Instead of planning an event on a weekday or at odd hours of the day, the easiest way to encourage higher attendance figures and promote overall event success is as simple as optimizing your event timeline. If you can, host your popular tournaments and games later in the days or on weekends. The less your event overlaps with guests’ busy schedules, the more likely your event succeeds.   
Along with the proper timing of your events, consider other crowd-friendly factors that address the desires of those in attendance. If you don’t offer delicious snacks and drinks, you’re missing a huge convenience and enjoyment factor. If you don’t have fun and engaging entertainment at halftime, your fans may lose interest and visit another arena. Think about what you enjoy when you visit your favorite venues, and replicate the success of those events with a focus on inviting accommodations, helpful service, and attractive turf field installations that transform typical events into memorable experiences.