When it comes to high school sports programs, students should have access to the best. The best coaches, the best uniforms, the best equipment, and the best places to play. Installing artificial turf on your school can help student-athletes perform with the level of quality items and space that they deserve.

Good for the Budget

When a school suffers financially it hurts students and teachers alike. To save money schools often have to cut important programs like the arts and sports. Artificial turf is easier on the budget than natural grass because it requires much less care and maintenance. In that respect, using artificial  grass not only gives players a place to play, it makes it easier for the school to offer important academic and extracurricular activities.   

Raise School Spirit

Artificial turf can be customized with different colors and shapes to create important markers like numbers and lines. These will last you as long as the turf itself, unlike markers that need to be painted and repainted.  Not to mention they’re a hit at homecoming games.  Which looks more appealing to a chanting crowd, a plain grass field or a vibrant green field with the school logo emblazoned on it? The latter, of course, will make the game all the more exciting to watch.

Indoor Athletics

Inclement weather, high winds, and other conditions can make it dangerous for players to practice or have games outdoors. Artificial turf can be used to create space for practice and games available any time of year, no matter the forecast. It also makes for a great place to train during the off-season and hold tryouts for future players. When not in use, schools can rent the extra space out to student-athletes in the lower grades and local teams.


When schools take measures that allow students to continue pursuing the things they love, it improves their relationships. Students, staff, and parents all appreciate it when schools go out of their way to improve the academic experience.  Thanks to the cost of artificial turf and its low cost of maintenance, schools can easily go the extra mile and acquire artificial turf for their fields.  Keystone Sports Construction works with you using a single-source, design-build approach to keep project management as smooth and efficient as possible.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help your student-athletes.