While budgeting ahead for a successful sports season, considering both upfront and long-term field expenses is an important part of the equation. Whether you’re hoping to cut your annual utility expenses, or you’re hoping to establish a more attractive venue to boost ticket sales, a modernized sports field installation may be the missing piece in your budgeting plan. 

Before signing a costly lawn care contract or bringing another field maintenance team member onboard, take a look at these worthwhile reasons to consider a better field alternative. With the bigger cost-saving picture in mind, investing in turf or another synthetic surface can reduce many day-to-day facility expenses, while simultaneously offsetting the upfront artificial grass installation costs with realistic long-term savings. 

1. Turf Is Much Easier To Maintain

Natural grass fields are becoming less common for good reason. With instantaneous cost reductions in water utility expenses and grass upkeep services, turf’s simplified ease of maintenance is why many facility managers have already made the switch. In addition to significantly lower maintenance costs, there are many other turf factors that stand out from natural grass, like: 

  • Turf Does Not Attract Insects & Rodents
  • Turf Dries Quickly While Natural Grass Remains Muddy & Slick
  • Turf Provides A More Consistent Playing Surface
  • Turf Can Be Used For A Wider Variety of Sports
  • Turf Is Easily Installed/Repaired; Natural Grass Takes Much Longer To Reseed

2. Turf Maintains A Professional Aesthetic

Bright colors, vibrant striping, and consistent visual appeal can all be expected with a durable turf variety. A charming field aesthetic naturally improves the fan experience, makes it easier for players to see field markings, and represents your facility with a level of elegance that natural grass or dirt fields simply can’t provide. 

3. Modern Materials Now Cost Less

With the evolution of modern synthetic materials, production prices have also fallen over the years. If you’ve previously compared turf or running track construction costs and were turned away by sticker shock, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our newest artificial grass and court options are more financially accessible than ever before. 

4. Field Conversion Simplified

Another way that many facilities have achieved their budgetary goals for less is through field conversion. Perhaps you have underutilized tennis courts or a dated soccer field that could be converted into a tournament-friendly turf field. We assist with turn-key field conversions, and will gladly help you design a field that brings out the best in your facility’s potential. 

5. Increased Income Potential

After updating your facility with a beautiful turf upgrade, you open your facility to newfound revenue streams. You can host competitive tournaments, improve concession sales, or rent your joint-protective turf field to other teams and schools that need a consistent and safe surface to practice on. 

Contact our experts at Keystone Sports Construction if you’d like to learn more, and discover the many ways we can support your facility with a more versatile field installation today.