The First Name in Turf, the iconic brand with the highest standards of performance.

We ensure that every inch of product meets and exceeds the highest standards of performance, quality and durability. With over 50 years of experience and millions and millions of square feet of synthetic turf in use worldwide, AstroTurf products bring more technological expertise and real world know-how to the game than any other brand.

Rhino Blend

Rhino Blend

Multi-Sport Stadium Surface

Rhino Blend is the turf of choice for high school and college stadiums

  • Ideal multi-sport surface
  • Superior durability and performance
  • Dual Fiber for ideal balance of performance and aesthetics 

Rootzone Diamond Series

Rootzone Diamond Series

The Collegiate Choice for Baseball/Softball

Over 80% of D1 NCAA plays on Rootzone Diamond Series

  • Diamond Shaped fibers to replicate clay
  • Rootzone fibers that reduce infill migration
  • Trionic fibers provide durability and pristine appearance

Rootzone 3d Series

Rootzone 3D Series

Professional Grade Stadium Surface

The turf of choice for extremely heavy use.

  • Multi-ply primary backing system for dimensional stability
  • Engineered for better shock absorbency
  • Robust face weight and for durability 

The Astroturf Difference

More Fiber Less Fill

AstroTurf has always advocated a “More Fiber, Less Fill” philosophy. This approach influences our system designs. We encourage our clients to invest in the most crucial element in the system— fiber! After all, no client has ever had to replace an artificial turf field because the commodity sand and rubber infill wore out — only when the fiber wears out does the field need replacement. For decades the industry has peddled the same tired system — cheap, lightweight carpet systems propped up by loads of commodity sand and rubber infill. But no longer are clients’ choices limited — AstroTurf offers dense fabric construction ideal (from cost and performance standpoints) for the emerging trends in infill and pad technologies.

Installation Techniques

AstroFusion: a unique seaming method that utilizes a self-propelled cart which delivers pre-metered, high quality, double action adhesive — critical to eliminating onsite variables and improving installation consistency

PreFabrication: only available from AstroTurf, this installation technique enables us to deliver your field with 90% of the inlaid football markings pre-installed. We use a dedicated, climate-controlled PreFab facility with our own full-time installation specialists. They use a floor-mounted jig system, which allows them to cut markings in UPSIDE DOWN (from the back of the turf) so that markings are clean and crisp. Not only is the quality of PreFabbed fields excellent, but it allows onsite installers to install your field more quickly and devote greater attention to panel layout, infilling, and finishing.

Environmental Stewardship

AstroTurf is committed to the environment. Each AstroTurf field can save up to 20,000,000 gallons of water, without use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Plus, AstroTurf products are available with BioCel™ coatings to lock fibers in place. BioCel™ polyurethane displaces a large portion of petrochemicals from traditional polyurethane by incorporating soy-based polyols. We support American farmers and reduce dependence on foreign oils in the process. Some of our systems even incorporate recycled water bottles recovered from Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks!

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